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Small Wonder


Minatur Wunderland

Hamburg’s Minatur Wunderland is known for being the Guinness record holder for the world’s largest model railway. The trains are very cool, but what is really blowing me away are the beautifully-recreated miniature European and American cities through which the model trains pass. It’s no surprise that it is Germany’s most popular tourist attraction.

The complexity of the Wunderland has me positively gob-smacked. There are working remote-control cars and planes, the “oceans” simulate tides, there are functional amusement parks, and in addition to the real cities, they’ve taken the time to build some fictional ones as well. Employing 350 people, the attraction is constantly being maintained, improved, and further developed. It’s like someone put Walt Disney on hyperdrive. And though I can’t imagine how they have time, the park’s YouTube channel is absolutely bursting with behind-the-scenes mini documentaries (which would make me really happy if only I spoke German).

You can check out the Minatur Wunderland on their website and on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Small Wonder

  1. This is wonderful. One could watch for hours and not see everything .the detail is just ‘out there’.

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  2. I had seen parts of this layout in one of the model train magizines but I continue to be amazed at all the work that went into this one. There are no words to descript just how much work went into it. I love it – Hal

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    • And apparently, they just keep expanding it! I have an old friend with whom I’ve reconnected on Facebook. He’s a big model train guy, and he told me this morning that he goes every 5 years or so, and there are always many new things to look at. Amazing!

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  3. The level of detail is just incredible and I love all the witty wee touches like Mary Poppins.

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  4. The detail is phenomenal!

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