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Living Big in a Tiny House


If you (like me) thought tiny house living was all hidden storage and stark, simplistic design, you have another think coming! This week, I happily stumbled upon the Instagram and YouTube channel by Living Big in a Tiny House. They tour the world to bring us tons of tiny house eye candy!

Living Big in a Tiny House is a YouTube show which documents the lives of people around the world who live in unique and interesting small homes. The show explores all kinds of downsized living, including tiny houses on wheels, micro apartments, cabins, tree houses, earth homes, shipping container homes, buses, vans and everything in between. With weekly episodes, it delves into the lives of people who are choosing to live an alternative lifestyle in unconventional architecture.”

– About Living Big in a Tiny House

These tiny homes have tons of personality, and they incorporate sometimes lavish, sometimes nutty details that give you a real sense of who lives there. They all make tiny house living seem so much more palatable…

Go follow the joyous Living Big in a Tiny House Instagram and YouTube channel. You’ll be glad you did!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

10 thoughts on “Living Big in a Tiny House

  1. You might be surprised at how many people live full time in an RV. I did for eight years and loved it. My body is what made me stop for a while but I still want to be back on the road. With that background, a Tiny House actually has more room iin most of them than an RV has. I followed one for over a year while they were on the highways and byways. Hal

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  2. I love the thinking behind a tiny house but as I am aging and having dealing with my parents I can see they arent accessable to wheelchairs ,walkers etc.t But it would be like living in a storybook.

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  3. I absolutely adore that cut out roof and the geometric glass window. Amazing! I know myself enough to know that I could not live long term in a tiny house but I would love one to live in for a while or maybe as a vacation home. You know, when I finally track down those leprechauns and mug them.

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  4. Very nice!! I feel like you actually live more when you live in smaller places.
    Covid19 taught me to be happy in my townhome. Here’s my post ⬇️🌿

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