What if you spent every day looking for One Beautiful Thing?

Vocal Point


BYU Vocal Point

Many thanks to my high school friend JB for finding these beautiful performers.

There have been many edgy artists I have profiled over the years, and though I still enjoy their work, right now, I feel like we all need comfort. I find that I’m responding to things that are more on the sunshiny, wholesome side of the spectrum. (Sorry, DW. I’m sure I’ll revert to my usual split-creative-personality self when this is all over.)

When I am stressed, I often seek out A Cappella music. There’s something so soothing to me about beautiful voices. Maybe it’s because I’m a singer first and everything else second, but I can feel these amazing harmonies restoring my equilibrium.

Vocal Point was formed in 1991 by a group of Brigham Young University students and became an official part of the University in 1994. They have been growing their fan base for nearly two decades, and their current director ramped up their social media. The group has more than 500K followers on YouTube, 100K followers on Facebook, and they regularly sell out music arenas across the world.

You can follow the lovely BYU Vocal Point A Cappella group on their website and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

7 thoughts on “Vocal Point

  1. I am a sucker for harmonies, especially A Cappella music. Thanks for sharing this group, I remember them from The Sing Off. I suppose the members rotate since they are based at a University.

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  2. Great sound. Enjoyed all of them. Hal

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  3. I find a capella music and close harmony singing very calming so thank you for sharing this today. It was just the tonic I needed. My stress levels are maxed out right now and I needed this intervention before I started swearing non-stop while crying and screaming.

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