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Traditions in Glass


Seattle artist Preston Singletary spectacularly celebrates his Native American heritage in his glass creations. Whether tabletop-sized or dozens of feet high, they all exhibit his signature style. Singletary grew up listening to stories told by his great-grandparents, who were both full Tlingit Indian. Those stories clearly had a deep influence on the artist.

In fact, Singletary is best known for his traditional Native American themes. Many of his works reference clan crests, including his own family crest, the killer whale. Even his more abstract works feel organic and modern, like updated native art.

You can see all of Preston Singletary’s remarkable work on his website and on Instagram.

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A big congrats to the Stonington Gallery on their 40th Anniversary! Check out their current exhibit "Stonington Celebrates 40", which includes a special collaboration piece by Preston Singletary and Raven Skyriver depicting orcas (1st image, photo by Russell Johnson). . Whistle Preston Singletary & Raven Skyriver Blown and sand carved glass 27" x 29"x 15" #PrestonSingletary #RavenSkyriver #StoningtonGallery #StoningtonAt40 #BlownGlass #GlassArt #SeattleArt #Orca Posted @withrepost • @stonington_gallery The October 2019 exhibit "Raven Skyriver & Preston Singletary" produced one of the most jaw-dropping works of Stonington's decade: Whistle, a collaboration between Raven and Preston, both Washington-born Tlingit glassblowers. But that wasn't the only show-stopper. This show was wall to wall beauty, with execution on the highest level. Don't miss the wonderful photos of the two blowing in our website. . . . Some works from this exhibit are still available to collect. Please inquire, or visit our website to explore the show. Images: Whistle by Raven Skyriver and Preston Singletary; Sprint by Skyriver; Salmon Tlingit Glass Basket by Singletary; Plunge by Skyriver; Aurora Borealis by Singletary & Joe David; Hold Fast by Skyriver; Kéet by Singletary; Calf by Skyriver; Skyriver (seated) and Singletary (leaning at right) blowing "Whistle" at Benjamin Moore Studio. . . #ravenskyriver #PrestonSingletary #northwestnativeartglass #northwestnative #BlownGlass #indigenous #northwestcoast #indigenous #contemporarynorthwestcoastart #stoningtonat40 #seattlegallery #pioneersquare

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8 thoughts on “Traditions in Glass

  1. They are delightfully different. I sure hope the one in Portland is still standing.

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  2. Wow! These are gorgeous. I love the soft, undulating and curved lines of the pieces and the subtle contrasts in texture and colour. I think this is an excellent fusion of the modern and the traditional. I am especially drawn to the whale pieces. I would own those in a heartbeat.

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  3. I love the skill that went into creating these. The shapes are beautiful. Don’t know how I missed them before today. Hal

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