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Spontaneous Paper


Laura Sayers

I have profiled many paper artists and many miniaturists over the years, but today’s artist has stolen her way into my top five favorites. This is the charming, teensy paper art by Laura Sayers. The Glasgow-based Sayers layers paper to create amazingly-complex tiny people and scenes with mind-blowing details. The artist prides herself on her attention to detail, using clean shapes and bright colors to create entire little worlds.

The description of her artistic process sounds really fun.

“When I’ve thought up an idea I’ll always start with some really messy sketches – I don’t refine them too much unless it’s for a client, because I think things tend to develop as they’re cut, and getting too bogged down in a sketch can waste time. I then carefully pick out a colour scheme. I then just get snipping, not marking out any shapes but instead cutting them freely until they’re right for what I’m envisaging. I often finish off my pieces with the smallest details and textures painted with gouache and a very fine brush, and I apply the tacky glue with a pin for precision.”⁠

– Laura Sayers to The Paper Artist Collective

Sayers’ artistic process leaves so much room for spontaneity, she must have amazing instincts about shape and color and composition. What a talent!

You can follow the amazing Laura Sayers on her website and on Instagram and Facebook. And you can buy her wonderful creations on Etsy.

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Here’s a few close ups of the new piece of work I shared on Friday for Edinburgh Futures Institute’s Smart City project 🌱 If you swipe over to the end there’s a quick video of the sketch I put together to plan out what all the elements were going to be and where they were going to go – a bit more thorough than I usually am when it comes to planning things but it definitely did me some favours to take time with that stage! When it came to making the paper side of things it wasn’t as easy as copying and pasting the little elements to get the mirrored image… unfortunately the shadows would have been off if I only made one half and photoshopped it, so everything was cut out twice, as close in likeness to the other as possible 😅 I got a bit snap happy so there are a few more behind the scenes photos to come! If you look for Edinburgh’s Living Lab on Medium you’ll be able to see the collection of articles which have all been beautifully illustrated by a collection of brilliant illustrators; chuffed to be included alongside them 🤗 . . . #edinburghlivinglab #edinburghfutures #smartcity #smartplaces #smartspace #farm #farming #windmillhillcityfarm #cake #papercut #papetartist #paperartistglasgow #editorialillustration #editorialpaperillustration #editorialpapercut #illo #illoagency #paperartistcollective #pacmember #handmade #designedinGlasgow #environmentalillustration #sustainableillustration #ingredients #foodillustration #foodart #edinburgh #creativescotland #illustratorsinscotland #kidlit

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8 thoughts on “Spontaneous Paper

  1. Fun, yet so much depth to the creations. Great find!

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  2. How special. Working so small is a challenge but she hits the spot.

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  3. Wow. Here attention to detail is amazing. Seeing these to scale…I am mind-blown.

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  4. These are fabulous! I love the style and the colour choices and I am astounded by all of the tiny details.

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