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Tiny Horrors


Susete Saraiva/Monstresss

Toronto artist Susete Saraiva creates amazing, spooky miniatures that are perfect for Halloween! Her tiny replicas of horror movie houses are especially fantastic. I wish I had the room (and the budget) to collect them all!

Saraiva’s obsession with horror movies started early, and she began collecting mini figures from her favorite films.

“I’ve been collecting 7″ figures for years, and with that I began doing toy photography for fun. That hobby slowly led me to the idea of creating miniature props and scale backgrounds/dioramas for more realistic photos. From that point on, I found that my love for miniatures was growing daily and this inspired me to take my ideas down a few scales. My love with horror definitely began around the age of 5, when I snuck into the living room while The Exorcist was on TV. My fascination overpowered the fear I felt at the time which slowly turned into an obsession: the thrill of being frightened.”

You can see all of Susete Saraiva’s beautiful, spooky work on Instagram, Twitter, and Big Cartel.

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Another completed service elevator #towerofterror

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Candelabra from last Halloween 🕯

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Itty bitty 🎃🍂

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Tiny Horrors

  1. Now I liked all of them. Very interesting work. Normally I would feel like I did yesterday. The detail is what makes them interesting. I wonder if the artist has a set scale or not. If they have one I wonder what it is. Hal

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  2. I do think she is good at what she does. I just wish her subject matter was different.

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    • If you look at the High Hopes and Maitland house. A couple of small minor adjustments remove this and that. They would fit in nicely with a model train layout. Also her grass looks real. Just cut off the blood and grate and you can use it anywhere you want in a scene. I really would like to know how she makes her grass. I sent her a message, don’t know if she will reply asking if she has a set scale. But I do modeling for my HO train layout. I am always looking for something to add. Look at her work as if it is June. If you buy one of them, look at how easy it would be to remove scary stuff. Guess that is why I liked it today. Hal

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    • Not everything is going to appeal to everyone (I tell myself every day…)


  3. These are spook-tacular! I know someone who would love that Amityville miniature!

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