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Fake Art


Callen Schaub

Montreal-based artist Callen Schaub creates machine-manipulated paintings full of movement and energy. He has many fans, but also many detractors. Some claim what he does isn’t really art. I can’t imagine how a creative process like his could possible be called into question, but rather than getting annoyed, Schaub embraces his haters. His compassion for those who are trying to hurt him is just one more element of his art. In fact, he used their criticism as the inspiration for his show “Fake Art.” What a good sport!

“Everyone is going through something, we are all projections of self. Trolls need love the most. how them empathy, love, and kindness. Please don’t bully the bullies. LOVE > HATE. The negative comments are educational opportunities. LOVE IS THE ANSWER. ❤️ Saying ‘F the haters’ is not good enough. They need our help, compassion, and empathy. The ‘haters/trolls’ are my target audience. Their negative comments are a self projection of their fear/doubt/sadness and a (subconscious) calling for help. Often times they have been bullied at a young age by their parents – telling them to “get a real job”, and have had their passion shut down. The Fake Art Movement is about educating, inspiring, and anti-cyber bullying.”

– Callen Schaub

Schaub creates his colorful abstracts using homemade trapezes, pendulums, and spinning machines. The 30-year-old artist was named Instagram’s Hidden Gem of 2019. They said that with his use of nontraditional painting tools and techniques, Schaub’s work is “a delicate balance of motion, energy and anticipation.”

You can follow Callen Schaub on his website and on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

12 thoughts on “Fake Art

  1. Yes, it is not traditional, old fashion art but I sure think it is art. But can you call any of the abstract paintings art? I don’t want them in my house but I also don’t want a lot of things. But like always, if Donna does as much work as she does to start our day with a big smile, I am going to do my best to like it. I try to look at it from her point of view. We differ now and then but I look in the mirror some morning and don’t like what I see. I know it is shocking but I think the photography in Playboy is art also. Hal

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    • You’re sweet to me. I think art is entirely subjective. If it appeals to you, great. If not, move on. I just don’t get trolls who seek to hurt the artist whose work they don’t like. Sure, I poke fun at some of the Etsy offerings, but I don’t do it to upset the makers. I honestly hope they don’t find my criticism. I don’t ever want to make someone feel badly.


  2. Interesting post, Donna!✨
    Some of those abstracts are very nice.
    I see little point in criticising him, though I envy his follower count.

    (PS: And (confession time) yours as well, Donna: LOL!🌞)

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  3. “The Fake Art Movement is about educating, inspiring, and anti-cyber bullying.”–Good for him. Go for it, Callen.

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  4. They are all so different. He doesn’t have to be concerned about anyone copying any of his work. I like them.

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  5. It’s art to me!

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