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Repost: Underdog


cats 1
Andrius Burba/UnderLook

3/13/17: When I first heard about photographer Andrius Burba’s UnderLook project, I just about lost my mind. Unless you’re spending time laying under your coffee table watching your cats walk by (which seems pervy somehow), this is an angle from which we rarely see animals.

Burba set up a photography area at the International Cat Show in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the results are oddly spectacular! And after the success of this first project, he started creeping around under all kinds of animals, including dogs, rabbits, and horses. HORSES. Standing on glass above the photographer. Yikes!

“I knew that all I needed is to get 600 kg horse on a glass, dig 3 meters into the ground, put my camera under a big glass and take a shot. Even though it was the same concept as project “Under-Cats” it took two months to organize it all. I have found horse-friendly environment and even made rubber horse shoes, to save the glass from scratching.”

– Andrius Burba

Amazing. And aren’t you proud of me that I resisted making Catherine the Great jokes?

You can follow Andrius Burba on Instagram, and you can make an appointment for your pet to be part of the UnderLook project on his website.

The making-of Under-Cats video is pretty fun, too!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

11 thoughts on “Repost: Underdog

  1. This is so cool–and so different than I thought. I figured they were under that pane of glass, snapping away. What do I know…….

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  2. Some of the photos made me laugh, but the horse ones? Mmm…for some reason I just found those creepy.

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  3. The cats are cute. I have no problems with the horses. Almost all of those were down with the camera under a sheet of glass. Several artists that I know have done this. But this is the only one that goes for super cute and crazy ones. I am running super late so I am off to bed as soon as I post this – Hal

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