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Repost: Belly Buttons Not Required


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3/23/15: I learned where babies came from by listening to the idiotic, misinformed chatter of my fellow tween girlfriends.

©Cut Video
If I were them, I would make this the family holiday card. 

We were the least worldly bunch ever, and not one of us had an older sibling to ask, so there was a lot of wild speculation and some hilariously wrong assumptions. I seem to remember the belly button featuring heavily in these theories. Although it was the early seventies and a sexual revolution was going on in the rest of the country, our mothers were all suburban Catholic housewives who had married fairly young and who were unwilling or unable to talk openly with us (or anyone else) about sex.

I assumed that in this age of readily-available information about things like body parts and gender and puberty, it would be easier and less uncomfortable for parents to talk to their children about sex. It turns out I was once again making bad assumptions, though at least these assumptions didn’t involve a belly button.

These videos of parents trying to explain to their young children where babies come from are wonderfully, adorably uncomfortable. There’s still a bit of dodging (“Mommy and Daddy take off all their clothes, then they get under the covers and do a special dance.”), but it’s mostly good information (with a lot of giggling by all parties).

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4 thoughts on “Repost: Belly Buttons Not Required

  1. LOL…It helps to live on a farm and let the animals help teach. I remember my #2 son watching our hogs and saying.. “I hope its not like that with people. .My answer…”It is a little different. “

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  2. Background, my mom died at age 3 and my grandmother raised me. About the time my public hair started to grow, she got a book. “When boys grow up”. It did a good job of explaining everything. With today’s post, I got a good laugh. Today at age 80 I am still confused about how birds and bees do it. Every once in a while at the zoo, you can see different animals doing it also. 🙂 Hal

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