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Crayon Crazy


Herb Williams

American sculptor Herb Williams does something children have been attempting for decades – he makes true art. His organic-looking creations are full of movement and energy. And crayons. They’re very, very full of crayons, some pieces involve hundreds of thousands of the colorful wax sticks.

After working construction during his high school summers, Williams earned a BFA in sculpture from Birmingham-Southern College. After graduation, the artist moved to Florida and worked at a bronze foundry associated with the Atelier Popliteo. In 1998, Williams moved to Nashville, where he has lived and worked ever since.

I’m not entirely sure how the artist’s early work with bronze led him to crayon sculpture, but I really enjoy the whimsy and wild excess of his crayon work. He uses so many of the things, Williams is one of the few artists with an actual account with Crayola. In 2011, his crayon work earned him a Guinness World Record for his piece commemorating the Jack Daniel’s birthday bash at the South Street Seaport.

“Crayons are a gateway drug. To most adults, the sight and smell of crayons produce specific memories of childhood. The twist in the road to nostalgia is the creation of a new object, from a medium in which it was not intended. This element of unexpected interaction and play had me at hello.”

– Herb Williams Artist Statement

You can follow Herb Williams on his website and on Instagram and Tumblr.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Crayon Crazy

  1. Even though I am enchanted by crayons, I never would have the creativity to think of these projects! I remember watching a short doc on a crayon factory via Mr. Rogers and I found that as fascinating as these pieces.

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  2. So incredibly creative. When I was an art teacher I always had an annual
    Crayon peel of all the broken crayons

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  3. I seldom get to Nashville but if I can find the time, I want to go see his art. Very interesting. No way I would ever think of doing anything like it. He sure is one of a kind. — Enjoyed it — Hal

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  4. Love new box of “colors”. But wouldn’t those out side melt in the hot sun.?

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