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Wild Walls


Matthew Williamson has had a long and successful career in both fashion and interiors. However, as beautiful as his clothing and interiors are (and they truly are), it’s his wild, wacky, wonderful wallpapers I’d like to celebrate today. Williamson has an eye for intense color combinations and fabulously-over-the-top prints, and I just cannot get enough. I’m not sure I could get away with putting one in my house (Beloved has an aversion to wallpaper), but I can imagine them elevating all kinds of interiors. The man is so talented, he even makes butterfly wallpaper cool!

These days, I don’t really have more than an hour to devote to any of my posts, and I fully intended to do a little research, grab some Williamson eye candy from his Instagram, and go on with my day. That is not how it went at all. I found myself gorging myself on his lush, fantastic designs, and 3 hours later, I emerged from my research, slightly dazed, but happy.

You can check out all of Matthew Williamson’s beautiful work on his website and on Instagram and Facebook.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

11 thoughts on “Wild Walls

  1. Those are all gorgeous


  2. All beautiful designs but way to busy for me…except the wildflowers and butterflies.

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  3. The designs are lovely and I especially love the papers that are turquoise and hot pinks. I never have wallpaper in my homes because I find it annoying to hang and also find it a little too visually busy – because I am not remotely a minimalist in any aspect of my home decor, I tend to keep the big areas like walls and floors neutral. If I didn’t find hanging wallpaper to be such a frustrating fankle, however, I might be tempted to use designs like these in small doses.

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  4. If somebody would install it for me, there are a couple that I would like in my house. – Hal

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  5. I can appreciate Beloved’s aversion to wallpaper. One house I lived in, the owner had wallpapered the bathroom walls and ceiling with this pea green swirly printed wallpaper. Imagine waking up, flicking on the bathroom light and seeing that first thing in the morning. It was awful. And came down immediately.

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  6. OMG i am in love with this stuff! the first one with the flowers is something I would love to have and it makes me want to get up and start painting on my walls. Except I can’t really paint. And my walls are already very very crowded with many photos and artwork. and I just had meniscus tear surgery on my knee so I shouldn’t be doing anything. But aside from that…i just looked up the price and one panel is a bargain 198 pounds, so $273!

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