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Canning the Sunset


Carly Glovinski

Do you remember at kid’s birthday parties and town festivals there would sometimes be a table with jars and colored sand? I would hit those things like it was my job, taking my time, convinced I was creating a masterpiece. But even when they started out okay, the colors would all shake together on the way home and end up a muddy-hued mess. So disappointing. Well, Carly Glovinski has actually achieved and preserved the beautiful jarred works of sand art that we all imagined in our heads. The artist hand-colors sand, then layers the colors in recycled glass jars capturing her favorite inspiration – the colors of her native New Hampshire sunsets.

“The sunset marks the sky with color in a fleeting moment each day, slipping down behind the horizon like grains of sand through an hourglass. To try and capture it, contain it, or possess it is a futile, and impossible gesture.”

– Carly Glovinski

Glovinski then posts her lovely works on Instagram and shares them in gallery shows. I know she is also a painter and sculptor, but I can’t imagine the care her fragile sand-based works would require to travel without mishap. I wonder what her secret is…

You can see more of Carly Glovinski’s wonderful work on Instagram.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

5 thoughts on “Canning the Sunset

  1. I wonder if she used some sort of glue or epoxy. Regardless of her secret, they are beautiful and I could sure find room for one or more in my house. Hal

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  2. They are nice but my internet is so slow today I just can’t look ..Maybe later.

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  3. I am curious as to the artist’s method because, like you, my only experience of sand art is it all shoogling together to become a blah dun coloured mess. I like the idea of elevating that fair activity as a record of sunsets.

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