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On the Lam


Mindy Lam is a visionary. There’s no other way to express it. She creates these magnificent, dramatic costume jewelry pieces that look like they would be equally at home worn by Billy Porter or one of the Romanoffs. Each of her extravagant pieces begins with a wire frame onto which is added gems, crystals, and fantastic vintage elements. She markets her wild brooches to both women and men, and I think they would look fantastic on either.

Yes, I know Hal wouldn’t wear them to Walmart (I see you, Hal), but I still thoroughly approve of Lam’s vision of men wearing her one-of-a-kind pieces as part of their formal attire. I truly hope this trend catches on, even if it’s just on the red carpet!

You can see all of Mindy Lam’s over-the-top jewelry on her website and on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

12 thoughts on “On the Lam

  1. These are very much my taste – though not budget – and I think they are exquisitely designed. I think this is an excellent trend and would like it to replace the traditional boutonniere.

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  2. These are definitely exquisite. I think Hal would be the hit of Wal-Mart wearing one of these. You’re famous, Hal!

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  3. Absolutely gorgeous and I’d certainly wear them.

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  4. Well WP is doing strange things today but I did get to look . These are a step up from the old jewelry into new I have seen before…even tried making myself. Not in my budget but if it is yours …go for it.

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  5. I seldom get excited about items like this, but these are the exception. Not sure they would go with my blue jeans and T-shirt when I go shopping at Walmart. I bet I can find clothes that would fit and I would wear them to the symphony concert. Hal.

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