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Family Guy


Lee Friedlander

Twentieth century American photographer Lee Friedlander captured many subjects over his career from streetscapes to landscapes, from nudes to still lifes (still lives?) and even cars, but the subject that has most captured my attention is his lifelong collection of photographs of his wife Maria and their family. He and Maria married in 1958, and during their ensuing 60 years together, she was one of his favorite subjects.

“I tend to photograph the things that get in front of my camera.”

Though he was best known for his chaotic street photography, the photos he took during his quieter moments at home with his wife, with their children, and eventually with their grandchildren, showed his abundant affection for his people and his appreciation for their natural beauty. Every one of the photos is a love letter, and they have a lovely intimacy about them that his wittier, more tongue-in-cheek work is without.

Friedlander’s work has been shown in world-class galleries and museums around the world, and his scores of photography books are still coveted the world over. Now in his late eighties, the photographer is still wandering the country, documenting American life as he sees it. Good for him (and good for us).

Lee Friedlander doesn’t seem to have social media (another sign that he’s a smart guy), but there is an Instagram dedicated to his work which can be seen here. You can also see more of Friedlander’s work on Artic.Edu.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

6 thoughts on “Family Guy

  1. Interesting contrasts. There has always been something special with black and white photo’s. This is a prime example. Hal

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  2. I think doing this for a “living” would be great…provided you are able to make a living.

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  3. Quite charming. I placed all his photography books on hold at the local library. They don’t have Maria but they have one entitled Family in the Picture and also his MOMA retrospective.

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