What if you spent every day looking for One Beautiful Thing?

Cool Cats


Jamie Shelman

Baltimore-based husband-and-wife team Jamie and Tom Shelman are astute observers of cat behavior, and their art is truly hilarious and spot-on. The pair met and fell in love at The Rhode Island School of Design. Jamie creates the cats and Tom creates the packaging and “heads the sanity department.” They describe their work as “Art for the moderately crazy cat lover.” I clearly fall squarely into that category. I especially love their chonky (not a misspelling) cats. I’m a sucker for a fat feline.

“Inspired by their fat plump shapes and seal like bodies, we’ve found cats to be the perfect form of self expression. From cats doing ‘cat things’ to more human activities, our art hopes to capture & stir the same love and passion for cats & art that you experience, often in a whimsical or unique manner. We hope you can recognize your cat, or yourself in our pictures!”

You can see (and purchase) the Shelmans’ adorable artwork on their website, in The Dancing Cat Etsy shop and on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Cool Cats

  1. These are fun and yes I love cats too. ..But…there is a real possibility I will go down as “that crazy cat lady on Jolly Rd.” My “outside ” cat ( maybe cats) has brought the family to the front porch….I’ve lost count….HELP

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  2. They clearly have (and love) some cats. I miss mine 😦

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  3. I miss my cat also. Those are cute cat art. Enjoyed looking at them — Hal

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  4. I am another cat fan so I love these art works. They capture the adorability and behaviour of cats perfectly.

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