What if you spent every day looking for One Beautiful Thing?

Paper Architecture


Layla May Arthur

New Jersey-born Netherlands-based artist Layla May Arthur takes the materials and principles of theatrical set design and creates memorable, incredibly-intricate dioramas whose details defy their simple materials. How she is able to craft architectural sculptures of such convincing depth using only white paper is beyond me. They all make me long to be tiny so I could explore them from within.

“I really enjoy being able to handcraft artworks to be used in photoshoots or installations where my work reaches an audience who might not ordinarily seek out art in an art space. I have had incredible clients so far who have given me huge creative freedom in acting as both art director and artist.”

– Layla May Arthur

Arthur also works in paper cuttings, and all her work employs carefully-placed lighting. Using shadows, Arthur is able to give the illusion of mass and depth to her one-color, one-material pieces. She’s a true genius!

You can see all of Layla May Arthur’s amazing work on her website and on Instagram and Behance.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Paper Architecture

  1. These are fabulous. The intricacy of the cutting is astounding.

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  2. You know how much I love this. It is a lot harder than you would think cutting paper would be. I have tried and sorry to say I didn’t finish… maybe someday..

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  3. This leaves me with some questions. In one post it appears to be one person putting up full size display/art. I would love to see theses in person. That is not going to happen, so I will enjoy them memories.

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