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Repost: Easter Cocktails?!?


Cottontail martini above by Inspired By Charm.

4/12/20: I have spent every Easter since the age of 1 or 2 with my extended family. Nearly all 32 first cousins (with spouses and children in tow), plus everyone from my father’s generation would all converge upon one of the restaurants near the town where we grew up. There was an Easter egg hunt and games for the little ones, plus a raffle and basket filing for the older kids. And once you hit adulthood, the real fun started.

We’d spike our pitchers of juice, and sneak in mimosas and Irish coffees, then when the larger family party broke up, the adults and big kids would meet up in the bar and spend the rest of the day catching up and laughing and cocktailing together. This year, of course, all that is cancelled. I am raising a glass to my darling cousins and their families. I hope we can clink glasses again someday soon!

2023 EPILOGUE: Alas, we still haven’t all managed to get together for Easter since the start of the pandemic. Maybe next year… I miss those people!

Lavender Lemonade by The Cookie Rookie

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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6 thoughts on “Repost: Easter Cocktails?!?

  1. I was the only mixed drinler in the family. Also, mY

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  2. Part 2> 🙂 My mixed drink list had about five drinks on it. All pf them for were far Italian means. Easter called for a whole ham with lots of side dished. Hop everybody has a great day — Hal

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  3. Thank goodness that that first pic wasn’t a peep margarita 😛 We moved to be close to my wife’s fam and now we get together nearly every weekend, the kids all playing together. I think it’s awesome.

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