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Spare Parts


Jeremy Mayer

Nude VI (Theia) ©Jeremy Mayer

While wandering the internet in my typical fashion, I was stopped dead in my clickings by the sight of this remarkable artist and his creation. Don’t you love her? She’s made entirely from typewriter parts. And she’s not an only child. Jeremy Mayer has created a whole world of these fantastic creatures. That’s a lot of dismantled typewriters!

typewriter 8

©Jeremy Mayer

In 1995, Mayer was given an old Olivetti typewriter and asked to drop it off at Goodwill. Instead of handing it over, though, he took it apart and starting playing with it. Twenty years later, he’s still playing with typewriters. He doesn’t glue or wire or weld the parts together to create his sculptures, either. He attaches the parts to each other using only materials native to the machines.

“There are a lot of things we’ve created that are just sitting around inert. . . This is our chance to take everything we have, pick it all apart, choose the best parts, and reassemble it.”

I try not to overuse the word genius, but in this case, I think the label definitely fits. His understanding of anatomy is phenomenal. These sculptures are so incredibly lifelike, it feels like they might move on their own when you’re not looking.

He’s very prolific, but here’s a pretty good cross section of his work. And don’t miss the video goodies at the bottom!

©Jeremy Mayer

Bust IV ©Jeremy Mayer

typewriter 2a

Cat X ©Jeremy Mayer

typewriter 2

Swallow II ©Jeremy Mayer

©Jeremy Mayer

©Jeremy Mayer

©Jeremy Mayer

©Jeremy Mayer


typewriter 3

Nude IV (Delilah) ©Jeremy Mayer


©Jeremy Mayer

Portrait of Marvyn A. Pelzner ©Jeremy Mayer

©Jeremy Mayer

Deer III ©Jeremy Mayer

©Jeremy Mayer

Penguin I ©Jeremy Mayer

©Jeremy Mayer

Bust V (Grandfather – a Self Portrait) ©Jeremy Mayer


And to keep you entertained while you marvel over these complex and beautiful sculptures, here’s a little theme music!

I was thrilled to discover he gave a TEDx Talk in 2012. He’s very well spoken, and his process is as compelling as his work.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

13 thoughts on “Spare Parts

  1. Even if this artist didn’t look like Robert Downey, Jr.’s brother, this would be well worth the twenty minutes to read and watch. Here’s another artist I know you’ll like – Jason Lyons. He’s a fine and interesting man with wild imagination and loads of skill. Cheers!


  2. Nothing spare about this. Great stuff.

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  3. These are amazing!!!

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  5. Great! I haven’t heard that in years – As someone who actually trained to be a typist in pre-computer days, it has a special place in my heart… 😉 LOVE the creatures.

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    • I learned to type on a portable Smith-Corona from the thirties. I can still remember the finger muscles I developed and the smell of the case when I opened it. My mother bought me an IBM Selectric in the early eighties and threw out the old manual typewriter. Broke my heart.

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