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Happy Caturday!


Meow Parlour cat glamour shot

Goofy Meow Parlour picture

Disclaimer: Okay, yes, maybe I have been posting a bit more than usual about cats lately, but I also post about dogs, and chickens, and guinea pigs, and ducks, and horses, and other animals. This is proof that I am not becoming a crazy cat lady. That is my story, and I’m sticking to it.Cat cafes have been popular in Japan where most people live in apartment buildings which don’t allow pets.

Some of these places even have exotic pure-breed cats which most of us never get to see in person. I remember thinking the cat-lady-by-the-hour thing was a nutty idea, but being kind of charmed by it at the same time. I also remember thinking “Only in Japan.” Wrong.

Two weeks ago, Meow Parlor opened in New York City, and when I saw the story on the news, I thought it was complete lunacy. That is until they mentioned that all the cats are rescues and are available for adoption. YOU CAN TEST-DRIVE A CAT. Now I’m thinking it’s pure New York genius!

“Prepare To Die Of Adorableness . . . Unless you have cat allergies, in which case you will die of those first.” (Awesome line stolen from “The MarySue“)

Meow Parlour kittenOf course, because of the health code, they can’t actually sell food or drink there, so you first pick up what you want Meow Parlour Patisserie around the corner, then bring it with you. And thanks to their partnership with KittyKind, a no-kill NYC shelter, you don’t have to worry that they’ll run out of felines. I think we need a dog cafe, too! Who’s with me?

Meow Parlour, 46 Hester St. between Essex Street and Ludlow Street, New York, NY. Reservations required. Open Noon-8 p.m.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

21 thoughts on “Happy Caturday!

  1. As long as these joints are working with the animal shelters and not versus them, I’m all for it, Donna. Anything to find more homes for the animals who need to rescue humans. 🙂

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  2. Oh my gosh, I am in love. And I am really happy to hear about the adoption process–that you do not take the cat home right away. I always hope the animals are going to a safe place so, hopefully, the process addresses that. This was awesome.

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  3. It sounds like a good way for people to get involved in animal rescue.

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  4. Yes! A Woof Parlor where you can go and take a furry friend out for a nice walk. So much more fun than a gym membership, I think. xoxoM

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  5. This is awesome. They’re trying to open a couple here in San Francisco, too. I think it’s a great way to introduce people to adopting and make the cats available in a fun environment. And yes I agree, there should be one for dogs, too!

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  6. I, for one, love most cats and think that the idea of a cat cafe, which helps potential owners and pets meet somewhere other than a shelter is an excellent idea.
    I heard about a cat cafe in Paris, that does not adopt out the pets – from what I understand, this is due to local ordinances or something, which apparently discourage having cats or pets (what can I say, the article was not in English, so I only got the gist) … apparently this cafe is have cafe, half petting parlor, for those who miss the joy and stress relief of petting.

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  7. Aww. Thanks for sharing. You can post about cats and dogs all you like :o) Funny enough, I just took a break from studying for my boards. One of the questions was about pet therapy. It’s clinically proven to decrease blood pressure and retards the aging process to a degree. The cat cafe is such a neat concept. Lucky kitties :o)

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  8. Ok THIS would get my ass on the Metro North! I think I might need to make a reservation… =^..^=

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