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YRU Jealous??


This is not my first time talking about shoes. In my defense, one of my dream careers (all of which I have yet to pursue) is shoe design, so I’m always fascinated by innovative design.

I happened upon Y.R.U. shoes while looking for something completely different (I forget what), but I was immediately transported back to my delirious club kid days. I loved the music and the fashion in equal measure. I remember there was a shoemaker in the East Village who would turn any pair of shoes you had into platforms of whatever height you wanted. I never had enough money to get my own, but I remember how much I drooled over other people’s creations. That’s what these remind me of, though these are much more polished looking. I would have died to own a pair of these beauties.

Alas, I’m way too long in the tooth (and too flat in the foot) to pull off these fabulous creations, so pictures of them will have to suffice. Oh to be young and daring and artificially elevated again . . .

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

22 thoughts on “YRU Jealous??

  1. Ha! I remember that shoemaker! Alas, I was (am) from California and did not understand the trend at all. But I do remember that store.

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  2. Oh Wow! I love a nice shoe, and these are great! Being only 5ft 1 I could do with a bit of extra height, but being clumsy means I am an accident waiting to happen if I wear heels!

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  3. I never got the appeal of high heels much less platforms. I think i only own one pair of low platform sandals, but they are still quite hazardous and they were a “let me try this” purchase. While they are comfortable I am just too much of a klutz.

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  4. I am in love. I wish I could pull off that blue suede number. Hot damn!

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  5. I tried this style and felt unsteady. At my age, the possibility of broken bones outweighs fashion.

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  6. I agree .. I love shoes and shoe design.. 🙂

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  7. Every time I see Jean’s elevated Danskos on the Fashionistas blog, I think that’s a platform I could deal with!

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  8. oh my goodness walking on rainbows how cool would that be!

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