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The Stuff of Summer!


Happy Summer Solstice!

Do you remember being a kid and spending all year yearning for summer? Do you remember the bubbly feeling in your chest on the first really hot day? I still get that feeling. Yes, I work all summer just like everyone else who didn’t go into education, but there’s still something optimistic-feeling about the season.

I love so many things about it. I love the smell of sunscreen, the dzzting (made up word of the day) of bumble bees, the feel of the ocean on my skin, kayaking all weekend, wine at sunset, late-night thunderstorms. It all still fills me with optimism and, dare I say it, joy. Okay, sure, the subways are gross and people don’t wear enough deodorant or enough clothing and mosquitoes suck and I hate sweating through my clothes before I get to work and sometimes it’s too damned hot, but I don’t care. I will always be a summer kind of girl.

So today, I’m celebrating my favorite season with a stream-of-consciousness list of things I love that I associate with summer.

Classic Tree Swing by PegAndAwl

Classic Tree Swing by PegAndAwl

Childhood things:

  • Tree swings
  • Picnics at the beach
  • Running through the sprinkler on the front lawn
  • Sandcastles
  • Mister Softee
  • Spearmint Chapstick
  • My grandma’s climbing roses
  • Skipping
  • Pool parties
  • Drive-in movies
  • Drinking from the hose
  • Rainy days spent at the library
  • Catching fireflies
  • Sucking the nectar directly out of Mom’s azalea flowers (definitely not one of Mom’s favorite things)
  • Spending the entire day in my bathing suit (How did we do that, by the way? Just the thought makes me itchy.)
  • NO SCHOOL!!!!

We call this picture “Banana Bad I-Deer.” The nervy thing stuck her face in my drink before I could move it.

Adult things:

What are your favorite summer things?

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

13 thoughts on “The Stuff of Summer!

  1. I’m having to develop a new list of favourite summer things since relocating. For instance, I can’t have a summery jug of Pimm’s here (at least I’ve not seen it in PA yet) so I need a new summer alcoholic beverage. The places we used to love to visit in summer and the festivals and events we used to attend have to be replaced by new ones. This is only my second summer here so perhaps some sort of traditions will start to emerge.

    One of my sons did yelp the other night that the arrival of fireflies in our garden meant it was officially summer. So o guess fireflies are on the list.

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  2. As a kid, I loved to swim (all my good friends have pools) and ride my bike to the little neighborhood store to buy candy. I still remember that a quarter bought a big Hershey bar, a box of Good and Plenty and 5 Bazooka bubble gums. Those were the days. 🙂

    As an adult…hmmm…well last night my husband and I sat on our little house stoop, sipped wine and talked. It was kinda old-geezerish but nice. We also go to the free summer concerts on the weekend where I have been known to get up and dance!!

    Loved reading about all your memories!! – Karen

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  3. My favorite summer memory was 4th of July in my hometown. A parade in the morning and fireworks at night book cased a day of fun and food.

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  4. daughter born the night of the solstice xd

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  5. This is wonderful. Even though I live in FL, I was born and raised in NJ. I always kept that plastic bottle of Coppertone in the top drawer of my dresser so in the dead of winter, I could inhale that coconut fragrance and be transported to summer. Oh, to stay up after dark and catch fireflies and ride my bike up and down the street–when it was dark outside! There is nothing like summer to bring out the kid in anyone. Love all your ‘loves’ Donna.

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  6. Midnight rides on my pony with the adults.
    Catching fireflies
    Playing hide-n-seek
    Playing kick-the-can
    Sunday drives to Amish Country
    Fishing with my dad
    Showing my pony at 4-H Horse Shows
    Coppertone without sunscreen
    Homemade popsicles

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