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2015 Mermaid Parade Pics! (I’m all about the face.)


Photo: Donna Kramer

Photo: Donna Kramer

We had a great time judging yesterday’s parade. Also, we. got some amazing pictures, AND we got to sit with Parade King and Queen, Mat Fraser and his lovely bride, Julie Atlas Muz. Lucky us and you!

I’m not going to lie. I went a little crazy with the close-up portraits, so be warned. It’s all about the face.

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17 thoughts on “2015 Mermaid Parade Pics! (I’m all about the face.)

  1. Excellent photos! Looked like a blast!

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  2. I am from the very non-urban middle of the mid-Atlantic, so I was not familiar with the Mermaid Parade. What a wonderful dose of every-color and multi-flavored joy! Your images – all those smiling faces, young and old, boys and girls, “girls will be boys and boys will be girls,” white, brown, black, green, purple – were a welcome reminder that there are more happy and loving people in the world than the awful news we hear might make us fear. Thank you.

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  3. That looks like such fun! The mermaid theme definitely adds some sparkle, shimmer magic and bonkers-ness to the whole thing. We went to Coney Island last year so it’s not too far for us to go. Maybe the Pict family will have to come along to the Mermaid Parade some time.

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  4. It looks like you guys had a great turnout for the parade. What a blast that must have been to be a judge, and how do you pick? My vote goes to the little baby wearing the crocheted fish tail with the crocheted flower headband ( page 3).

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    • That baby was dangerously adorable. Her name was Journey, which I probably would find irritating in another child. But she was so cute, they could have called her Jujubee and I would have found it charming.


  5. Wonderful photos. Looks like you had a whale of a time!!! 🙂

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  6. Love, love love! The littlest mermaids, the huge pink-haired mermaid, the little dogs (!!), the guy with the toothpick –awesome pics, Donna. Oh, what a fun time this was–and I wasn’t even there! So glad you had a blast.

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  7. A wild time had by all. Was “No bribe, No vote” your idea?

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  8. Fun! Love the Boston Terrier mermaid in particular.

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