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Falling Stars



It is my birthday, so I’m posting what I want! Sorry, straight men and other non-fashionistas. Today, I couldn’t resist posting about the most amazing fashion show I’ve ever seen. (Dudes, butches, and Beloved, you are excused. Go do something sporty and come back tomorrow. But know that we are going to have cake and talk about you while you are gone.)

This is the Zuhair Murad Fall Winter 2015/2016 Haute Couture Show in Paris, and it made the glitter-crazed 12-year-old inside me squeal and clap like a maniac. His color palette is impeccable, his fabrics are glorious, his shapes are flattering (even if you’re not a stick insect like his models), and oh, the glitz quotient is breathtaking!

If you don’t want to take the time to watch the show (and for the record I think that’s a mistake), I’ve included a couple of highlights below the video. But at some point, I really recommend you give yourself a chance to zone out and watch it. There’s so much sparkle and such gorgeous colors, it turns a bit hypnotic. I found the effect to be very soothing. Like one of those glitter jars you give over-excited children.

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

27 thoughts on “Falling Stars

  1. Wishing you the best birthday, and many more joyous ones to come. Also I totally agree on the color palette, stunning!

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  2. These dresses are stunning! As the girl who lives on the moon (Lunar Drive), I feel that I need one of each, and of course another wedding so that I can wear the wedding dress. Thanks for sharing the show and the photos.

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  3. Happy Birthday. Love the fashion show with all its bling.

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  4. Happy Birthday!!! Glitter rocks. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

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  5. Ooooooooh! So sparkly. I love the elegant lines too. Happy Birthday, Donna!

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  6. Happy Birthday, Donna! May your sparkle forever shine.

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  7. Happy Birthday, Donna. Thanks for sharing so many Big Things with us here. Fabulous discoveries, ideas, art, artists, musicians … You got it going on. 🙂

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  8. Fabulous, not sure why the apology to straight blokes but, I is one and love the post. I must say though that anyone who has watched the Incredibles would know that capes are out. And what’s with that green number, blah. My Nana would have serious issues with that split. Otherwise a wonderful fairytale of frocks.
    Thanks Donna

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    • Thank you! I try to
      find things that will appeal to most people, so on the rare occasion when I post something that’s just about fashion, I worry that I’m going to lose people. Very glad you liked it!


  9. And a very happy birthday!

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  10. Happy birthday, Donna! And I have a feeling that you post what you want anyway, at all other times as well. 😉 By all means, carry on!

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  11. Hey Lady…Happy Belated Birthday! I’ve just got back to town because I was in California visiting our son for his birthday, which coincidentally was on Monday, 19 October. We took a ride on the Wine Train in Napa. I hope you did something fun, too.

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  12. Happy birthday! (A week late). I really love your sense of fashion (and other beautiful things too). Keep going. I will visit your blog often. 🙂

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