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New Zoo


wolf 0

©Wolf Ademeit

Wolf Ademeit seems to be successful at everything he does. He owns and runs his own thriving advertising agency. He also owns a photo studio. But when it comes to his animal photography, he prefers to be thought of as a hobbyist. A hobbyist? If I were this good at anything, I’d make people call me “Your Highness.”

I find it really interesting that he prefers to shoot zoo animals. Most animal photographers (of the non-domesticated variety)(the animals, not the photographers) focus on animals in the wild. But Ademeit often uses his photos to help raise money for the zoo animals he photographs.

“Rather than focusing on wildlife in their naturally beautiful habitats, Ademeit finds charm and personality in the facial expressions of his subjects alone. Call it ‘animal portraits’, if you wish. More than simply keeping a visual record, the photographer provides an artistic portrayal that is often reserved for human portraiture.” –Vadim Yatsenko, About Wolf Ademeit

In addition to his stunning black & white work, he takes some equally striking color photos, which can be viewed alongside more of his B&W work here. I really, really recommend you take some time and scroll through them.

fight of the giants by Wolf Ademeit on

vulture by Wolf Ademeit on

thirsty kodiak by Wolf Ademeit on

the seal by Wolf Ademeit on

three zebras by Wolf Ademeit on

head up by Wolf Ademeit on

gremlins II by Wolf Ademeit on

posing by Wolf Ademeit on


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

7 thoughts on “New Zoo

  1. These photographs are all breathtaking. I found myself thinking “Wow!” with each image.

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  2. It’s exciting to see someone so gifted. It seems to me that it would be easier to get dramatic photos out in the wild. But to get shots like this?? From the zoo?? THAT is real talent!!

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  3. Wow! Thank you, Donna, for sharing the works of this amazing artist!
    Though I tend to dislike zoo’s for no matter how much we might try, we cannot really duplicate the natural spaces that are home and life for these Animal Kin. It is a tragic statement upon the “modern day” human animal that only in zoo’s and parks can Wildlife be kept safe. (Sorry! -quickly stepping down from soap box!-)
    Ademeit has beautifully captured these Animal Kin’s depth and, well, soul in these portraits. Thank you again for finding and sharing, Donna.
    Cap’n Toni….


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