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If You Like It, Don’t Put a Ring on It


Earth Art Decor

Earth Art Decor $43.00 set of 5

Today, Bestie and I are once again making our way to Piers 92 & 93 for the annual Architectural Digest Design/DIFFA Dining By Design Show. (Here’s last year’s post in case you missed it.) I’m so excited! With the exception of various costume opportunities, it’s my favorite event of the year. Since it has put me in interior design mode, today, I’d like to explore a little accent that can still make a big impression, coasters. Yes, drink coasters.

I know coasters seem like a small thing to get excited about, but I’m a big believer in the idea that switching out little things – pillows, lamps, small decorations, and yes, even coasters – are a great, affordable way to freshen up a room without spending a mint. Plus I love cold drinks. And wood furniture. Ergo, coasters!

Think Geek $14.99 for 10

Think Geek $14.99 for 10

coast 1

Gild and Glint $50.00 for 4

Liberty by Design $12.00 for 4

Liberty by Design $12.00 for 4

Vandor (Amazon) $11.93 for 4

Vandor (Amazon) $11.93 for 4

Nambé Twist (Macy’s) $140.00 for 6 (not a typo)

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn $26.99 for 4 with stand

My Pilot Store

My Pilot Store $19.95 for 6

Yesteryear Coasters

Yesteryear Coasters $23.00 for 4

Ellie A Designs $18.00 for 4

Ellie A Designs $18.00 for 4

Bambeco $20

Bambeco $20.00 for 4

Chalk Concrete $28.00

Chalk Concrete $28.00 for 4

Cheltenham Road $20 for 4

Cheltenham Road $20 for 4

Macy's $24.99 for 4

Macy’s $24.99 for 4

Saga Stone

Saga Stone $25.23 for 4

Break It Up Designs

Break It Up Designs $24.00 for 4

Peaceful Dreams

Peaceful Dreams $10.50 each

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

20 thoughts on “If You Like It, Don’t Put a Ring on It

  1. Very nice collection of unique coasters. My favorites are the Cheltenham Road and Break It Up Designs. Have a great weekend!

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  2. Those are some interesting coasters. I would probably choose the pulp magazine ones, though I really like the nambe twist ones. I use coasters, but occasionally people give me funny looks when I bring them out. I guess their Ikea furniture doesn’t require a coaster.

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  3. I soooo need to get some new coasters. I’m loving the cocktail lounge ones…and the pilot ones…and even the brain ones 🙂 – Karen

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    • Those brain ones are pretty darned awesome, but I wondered how challenging it would be to stack them back in the right order. One of the requirements we have for coasters (which we use every single day) is that they must be dishwasher friendly. That unfortunately cuts out most of the really stylish ones, but I still buy cute ones for special occasions!


  4. I’m coveting so many of these, especially the ones with sparkle, the glass cogs, and the brain slices. I think the brain slices are my favourite. I own loads of coasters though so don’t think I can justify accumulating more. Have fun at the show.

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  5. Clever title. I agree. I think it is rude to place drinks directly on furniture. Need to think about small details to change room look.


  6. Love coasters. Cocktails. Mmm.

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