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Songs of Summer 1973



A&M Records

I have to interrupt my Songs of Summer 2016 series with this look back (way, way back). This week, I watched The Carpenters: Close to You on PBS, and it brought back some of the very best moments (and years) of my childhood. Baby bro and I would listen to this album over and over again, never getting tired of it. It was one of our first records (kids, ask your parents about records), and we wore it out. Twice. Mom loved it, too, so she bought us new ones. Thanks, Mom!

I admit it. I’m all kinds of nostalgic about this wonderful music (which just happens to be placed squarely in my voice’s sweet spot) in the days before I knew what the universe had in store for me. I wouldn’t give up all those later, character-building experiences for the world, but remembering this sweet, innocent time in my childhood has given me a heart swelled to twice its size and a pretty solid lump in my throat.

If you don’t already have happy memories about this music, go make some new ones. I’ll be here, all kinds of happy/sad, with lots of tissues, laughing at myself, and singing along at the top of my (still pretty okay) lungs.


(This one’s so personal, I’m signing it!)

Epilogue: I was so affected by the documentary, the post, and the music, according to Beloved, I woke her up singing Close to You in my sleep. How’s that for commitment?

And for good measure, here’s my favorite Carpenters song of all time. It still makes me misty.


Author: Donna from MyOBT

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22 thoughts on “Songs of Summer 1973

  1. Always loved the Carpenters x

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  2. Pure, distilled nostalgia. Unfortunately, my local radio station, which was not the finest, ruined The Carpenters by incessantly playing “On Top of the World.”

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  3. Brings back many memories, thanks.

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  4. I like you even more today than I did yesterday, Donna! There’s so few of us left who will admit to loving The Carpenters. My husband and I both have eclectic tastes in music but the one thing he scoffs at with me (OK, two because of the Bee Gees) is my love of the Carpenters. It’s definitely partly a nostalgia thing but I also just love the lightness of Karen’s voice and the perfect construction of the songs. I sing ‘Top of the World’ a lot on car journeys just to drive my husband spare.

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  5. Ahh, yes. The Carpenters were the best. I was so sad when Karen died. And yes, too, about her range being right in my sweet spot as well. She was the first singer (in my memory anyway) who sang in such a low register. Thanks for the memories!

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    • There’s no way to listen to her music and stay sad, but in a way, it’s her sadness that ultimately killed her. What a shame she couldn’t take the same comfort from her voice that we did. Terrible disease.


  6. As a teenager, before I ever had a boyfriend, I used to sing “close to you” and dream that I would feel that way about a guy one day. Reality set in after I entered the dating world, finding all the wrong men and managing (like all of us) to get my heart broken a few times while I learned about relationships. I came to the conclusion that the sentiment in “close to you” was nothing more than a silly romantic notion that was not realistic or attainable.
    Then I met Mark.
    I know this will sound sappy, but I immediately felt like he was my “dream come true”, and yes, he does have eyes of blue. It is now 31 years later, and I still feel that way about him.
    I love the Carpenter’s music, the nostalgia, and her beautiful, clear voice.

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    • I LOVE THAT STORY! I will write something sweet and profound just as soon as I can, but Yay, You!

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      • We just moved and have been without internet, tv, and a home phone (we have cell phones) for over a week… as Danielle says, First World problems. I started clearing out my e-mails and discovered that “songs of summer” is a weekly thing. Cool! I’m so excited to see who you will feature. And, thanks again for the walk down memory lane today. You are the best, Donna!

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      • That’s so kind! Thank you. I get a little twitchy at this point being without working electronics. We were on Fire Island over Memorial Day weekend, and there’s no signal there. We both got a bit nuts after a while.

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  7. I graduated from high school in ’72. I still remember singing “Close to You” as part of our senior chorus concert. Sweet memories, indeed.

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  8. I didn’t know The Carpenters. I have just listened to One More Time you posted here and I have to admit she has a really nice voice!!! 🙂

    I invite you to read my blog post:

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