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Hamilton, Damnit



Hamilton: The Unaffordable Musical

I’ve been telling myself for months that it doesn’t matter that no amount of money (that I can scrape together, anyway) can buy me Hamilton tickets with the original cast. How good could it be? I’ll buy tickets in a year or two when the original cast has been replaced and all the mania calms down and tickets can be acquired for a couple of hundred dollars instead of the completely insane prices they’re asking right now. Sure, it’s the Broadway flavor of the year, and scoring tickets comes with as much High Street Cred as getting a Cabbage Patch Doll in 1982, but it’s all hype. Right?

Well . . . maybe not ALL hype. Two videos have assaulted my smug sense of superiority, and today, I declare defeat.

First, there was the ever-adorable James Corden, doing his thing.

Then came CBS’s 360° video of Hamilton: An American Musical performance of Wait For It, which blew me away, actually.

Great. Now what? I am not going into debt for these tickets. I’m not!

Damn you, Tony buzz.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

13 thoughts on “Hamilton, Damnit

  1. I’d love to see the show. But even if I were in New York, I wouldn’t pay the price for the tickets. As much as I love both American Revolutionary history and music — and the thought of getting both together is exciting — I have to draw lines somewhere.

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  2. Oh, James Corden!! What a way to start my Saturday…and I’ve not even had my coffee yet! Love this, Donna. Good luck with tickets, Donna.

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  3. I’m thrilled that the show is doing so well and in a musical expression that speaks to today’s youth, providing a bridge from history into the present. Since it’s not a musical form I’m especially fond of, and I do know my history, I’m quite happy applauding the accomplishments from Broadway in Hamilton Heights without needing to make an appearance in the theater. Best of all worlds for me! ;D

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  4. $800.00 to $6,000.00 a ticket is way too elite. No excuse for this kind of price hike or keeping the real people out of the arts. Even while they claim it’s for supporting broadway and theatre, it is a SHAM and they should be ashamed, especially the guy who believes he can rap… I love good musicals, and theatre and costumes and sets and history and this is a “Fair production” as in good like Harry Potter books were for getting readers among kids and then women and then all audiences, and yet… Harry Potter is disneyland (not real literature which is ok) and it is as overrated as this play. Nope I haven’t seen anything other than the clips and his improv. raps… not as clever as Steven Sondheim songs… 🙂 so You will not be missing a thing… I assure you… and he will probably make a movie version of it at some point like Cats where we can all laugh and cry and remember the theme song to Fame.

    This guy bragged that he allowed disadvantaged school kids into see it… like he was some kind of philanthropist. How many kids was that? and now he’s only viewable for the rich?
    Not to knock your post or enthusiasm. I’ve just been mad at this play since it came out and now the federal reserve is gonna keep Hamilton on the green backs while we wait for Harriet Tubman to take her “proper place” in capitalist USA. Evidently she was a capitalist??? But hey, where is the play about HER on broadway? We got a new version of Porgy and Bess with a consideration for Africa and the origin designs too… as well as the dance,-musical “Shuffle On” (I think it’s called???) Far superior to a modern version of Hamilton utilizing rap (in order to reach wider popular audiences), coming out of black culture… when the Hamilton writer director…isn’t black… It’s okay he does it, and yet something serious is missing.
    Thanks for allowing my “two cents”
    I do like your blog.

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  5. I felt the same way. There was no way I could shell out that kind of cash for a show, but I had an obsessed 14 year old, who had also gotten me pretty obsessed….so we flew to NYC on July 4 and joined “Hamilcamp”…we slept on the sidewalk for 2 nights and sat in line for 3 days–got in on Wednesday at the matinee after Lin’s final Ham 4 Ham. It was SO worth every single second. You can read about it on my blog if you are interested. It will be fabulous no matter who is in it–I hope you are able to see it soon!


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