What if you spent every day looking for One Beautiful Thing?

My Best Friends*


*Sorry, D., A., and M. Not you.


Michael Breach

If I were a poet (but then again, no), I imagine that a hefty percentage of my writing would be odes to coffee. Oh, how I love the stuff. My otherwise adorable doctor cut me down to one cup per day (See my reaction here.), so I put a lot of thought into the day’s brew. Even when we’re running late, poor Beloved knows that I can’t just drink any old lame cup of coffee. Oh, no. I am a special snowflake. And though I have my favorites, every day an adventure. From what region should it hail? What form should it take? Am I feeling for iced or hot? Espresso or cappuccino? Latte or flat white? Steamed milk or half and half or black? But as jazzed as I get about my daily dose of java, I don’t typically get too wound up about how it looks. These folks, however, have made me look at coffee (well, the varieties with foam, anyway) in a whole new light.

Hey, honey? We should probably leave a little early today . . .

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

14 thoughts on “My Best Friends*

  1. I would think that when all was said and done with the foam, the coffee would be cold. But who said art was practical?

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  2. ‘a special snowflake’ Oh, I want to be one, too! The two-cup cat is definitely my cup of coffee. These are all amazing!

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  3. I am sorry that you are forced to survive on only one cup–I watched the clip from Planet of the Apes and could really sympathize. I also understand that, now, that one cup has important significance. Curiously, what does your coffee cup look like? Do you have a favourite, or do you change it up?
    I have shown mine on this blog quite a few times (white with green diamonds). I am not sure what I like about it so much…but I know I do. Perhaps it taps into some retro quality I am looking for (I might have to blame Monocle magazine for this).
    Have a great weekend and a great couple of cups of coffee (one each day).

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  4. I appreciate the level of skill involved in creating these most transitory works of art but here’s my thing: I don’t drink coffee but I do love tea and when I want tea I want it NOW and not once some creative soul has dicked around with it for a few minutes.

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  5. My friends consider me a coffee snob because I would prefer to go without a cup of coffee rather than drink a bad cuppa. I consider that a term of endearment.

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  6. Ha – drink me Alice, said the Cheshire Cat!? Love this!!

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