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Musical Doodles



People Too/Alexei Lyapunov & Lena Ehrlich

What do you get when you pair vintage sheet music with vibrant, joyful doodles? Magic. You get magic.

This is the gorgeous, happy, lovable work of People Too. Designers/best friends Alexei Lyapunov and Leha Ehrlich stalk the sales and stalls in their native Novosibirsk, Russia. Then they take their precious finds back to their secret lair (no, I don’t know for sure that they have a lair. Bear with me. I’m painting a picture, here.) and doodle and doodle until the sheet music comes to life. The illustrations have an innocent 1950s vibe that I find really refreshing. They’d even work in a child’s room!

The design team also creates commercial-yet-charming paper sculptures which I have profiled before! If you’d like to purchase the musical doodles, gallery-quality prints, tote bags, note cards and the like can be found on Society6.

All images property of People Too/Alexei Lyapunov & Lena Ehrlich.











Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

25 thoughts on “Musical Doodles

  1. These are great and they gave me a smile as I start my day.

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  2. So darn cute! Where do all these people get so much talent?! And how come I am not one of them!? 😀

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  3. That sure is a unique idea!!
    [I happened across some sheet music at a bazaar last year. I just picked them up because it seemed a shame that good, old music was lying around with disheveled magazines. Do you have any idea what I should do with them?]

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  4. These are joyful. I rather like the fact that, as someone who can neither read Russian or decipher Cyrillic, I can invent the meaning of the text and create my own song lyrics and tune to accompany the illustrations.

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  5. Having played piano until Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique showed me how good I’d never be, I will always love sheet music, even (especially) unplayable stuff. These quirky illuminated scripts are pure joy. Another gem unearthed by My OBT. Thank you!

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  6. Really fun idea, Donna 🙂

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  7. These are amazing. I wish I was half as talented as these folks!

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  8. I’ve seen these before. They are wonderful, aren’t they?

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  10. I’ve never seen anything like this!

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  11. These are fantastic. As an artist and musician, these pull at my heart strings. Thanks for sharing.

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  12. This is actually really cool!! Smart idea. They should have a music like this.

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