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All That is Three



In honor of Mother’s Day, today I am pleased to bring you All That is Three, the family photography project by fashion and lifestyle blogger Dominique, creator of the blog All That is She.

In each of the pictures, Dominique and daughters Amelia (10) and Penny (3) stand in height order, similarly dressed and posed. The series actually began as an accident. One day, Dominique noticed that she and her daughters were coincidentally dressed in similar striped shirts. She snapped a photo of the three of them together and posted it on Instagram, One of her followers suggested she make it a series, and the concept was born.

As visually pleasing as the trio’s similarities are, it’s really their slight differences that are the most satisfying. In particular, little Penny’s character shines through in each picture. In true three-year-old fashion, she’s always a little mischievous, a little distracted, a little independent. I like this kid!

You can check out Dominique on the photo project, All That is Three, on her blog, All That is She, and on Instagram. Happy Mother’s Day!

All images property of Dominique/All That is She.


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

29 thoughts on “All That is Three

  1. I love this photogallery! Lot of contrast too.

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  2. Adorable! And you are so right that it’s the wee one who really is the star act in each image.

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  3. I like Penny.
    Happy Mother’s Day! I’m driving 2.5 hours to spend the day with my mom. She’s worth it.

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  4. They are all such dolls! Aww! This is a great Mother’s Day post!

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  5. The youngest definitely steals the show.

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  6. Purrfect Mother’s Day Post. Loved it. ~~dru~~

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  7. beautiful, the little one gave me a few giggles.

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  8. Aw, that’s a super cute idea!

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  9. The little one just can’t help it, can she? Reminds me of my little sister.


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