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Lost and Foundling



foundling 0

Robbii Wessen

These wonderful artworks called Foundlings are created by artist Robbii Wessen. I first encountered his fascinating assemblage work at the 2017 Art Expo, and I was instantly captivated. The photographs don’t really do the complexity of the pieces justice. It was great fun to stare at them and try to figure out what his materials were in their former lives.

For example, the piece above, “Green Room,” is made up of a hand cultivator, discus, Christmas tree base, decorative tin, wooden rulers, and miscellaneous brass pieces.

Wessen says his work is influenced by his diverse family, which includes a psychologist sister and three brothers: the anthropologist, the rocket scientist (Robbii’s twin), and their eldest brother, who is schizophrenic.  He says his pieces are Rorschach tests, of a sort. You see in them what you want to see, and what other people see can be wildly different.

Check out all Robbii’s work on his website, his blog, and on Gallery Juno’s site.

All images property of Robbii Wessen.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

11 thoughts on “Lost and Foundling

  1. These pieces are incredible-interesting to recognize everyday objects in these awesome creations!

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  2. Oh, I love to see things repurposed! But, I fear that seeing such beautiful creations from repurposed items will only tempt my proclivity to hoard! (“But it might be useful someday!” Yikes!) Perhaps, though, I can put posts like these to good use by letting them inspire me to donate my stuff (get it out there into the thrift stores, etc, where such artists can get ahold of it). Yes, “patron of the arts” sounds better than “hoarding wanna-be”! Haha! Keep posting, Donna!

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  3. I love these! My friend Larry makes very similar art; I’ve got a piece of his that also has an eyeball!

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  4. These are utterly wonderful. I’ve never seen assemblage pieces that are so perfectly curated and sculpturally balanced (there’s a phrase I’m reaching for but my tired brain can’t get there).

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  5. hey robbii! how are you, how was chicago?


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