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These Boots Ain’t Made For Walking


pei 0

Guo Pei

Looking more like sculpture than footwear, Guo Pei shoes are nonetheless incredibly popular among avant garde fashion stylists who hate their clients. That said, I’m helpless against their awesomeness.

Pei is best known as a Chinese avant garde fashion designer whose lush, opulent designs look like a Rococo fever dream. The artist, for how could I call her anything else, designs a new pair of insane shoes to match each of her gowns. She’s an absolute mega star of the China fashion world, but it took a little time for her fame to spread outside her native country. Though she was approached by Gaga’s people for stagewear in 2008 (see quote below), it wasn’t until 2015 when she hit U.S. stardom with Rihanna’s epic Met Gala gown.

“Not long after a November China show, Nicola Formichetti, an editor who helps style Lady Gaga, contacted Pei to borrow some clothes. There is nothing dainty about a 40-pound crystal beaded dress, as Lady Gaga discovered when four or five dresses (and the platform shoes) arrived in Los Angeles, ‘‘all beautifully packaged in silver boxes,’’ Formichetti recalled. She tried them on, he said, ‘‘but basically couldn’t move in them, so they couldn’t work onstage.’’

‘‘They were very nice, polite people,’’ Pei’s husband Jack said of his dealings with Formichetti’s office, but one senses that Pei isn’t dying to dress the world’s most famous performer.” –AdWeek

I hope you are as fascinated and impressed with these crazy beautiful torture devices as I am. Proceed with caution. It’s a long way down…

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

25 thoughts on “These Boots Ain’t Made For Walking

  1. great! Overwhelming beauty!

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  2. Oh my goodness! I love these shoes, and admire the skills of the models who can walk in them!

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  3. I love the green feathered ones!

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  4. My 14 year old just observed, “You can barely tell those are shoes”. He’s not wrong. They are like crazy, blingy, exquisitely designed sculptures for the feet. I’m impressed anyone can stand in them let alone walk. I love some of the sculptural designs of the clothing too – the folds of the “china plate” type dress and the triangles in that tutu skirt.

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  5. I wouldn’t even try to walk in those boots. I am sure I would end up breaking an ankle.

    However, I do think they are cool.

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  6. Crazy! (I mean that in a good way! 😁) What a fertile imagination. Bravo!

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  7. I would set them prominently on a shelf to display as art!

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  8. So stunning!

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  9. My feet hurt just looking at this (and so does my ass, on which I would fall if I tried to wear any of them) . . . but THE RED ONES!!!

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  10. Call me crazy, but I’d love to be one of her tortured clients! I’d wear any one of those in a heartbeat!! Stunning

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  11. This is haute couture to the max, for sure! There’s at least 2 pairs of shoes that I see as being reasonably wearable, and the blue & white “china plate” dress that others have mentioned also looks realistically wearable while still being a totally awesome work of art. (I do like that one!) The rest of it will just have to be pure art for me! Wow!

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  12. Here comes the drama, bravo to Gaga she just rocks them. salute to Alexander mcqueen. they are crazy what to do sometimes fashion is just not so comfortable, however memorable. thanks donna for bringing it!

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