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Lord of the Rings!



Theo Fennell

Today, I bring you the wild, whimsical rings by UK master jeweler, Theo Fennell. Known for his innovative designs, many of his rings include secret compartments and hidden dioramas and moving parts. Tiny garden gates with working hinges open up to reveal hidden gardens, impressive jeweled domes flip up to show jaw-dropping scenes rendered in gold and precious stones.

They’re definitely a lot of look, and maybe a little too Liberace-meets-8-year-old-me for comfort, but there’s no denying Fennell’s skill and wonderful imagination. And he often takes his inspiration from beloved stories like The Wizard of Oz and The Secret Garden, so there’s probably someone on your list who would love them…

You can check out all of Fennell’s fantastical jewelry on his website.

All images property of Theo Fennell.

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

21 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings!

  1. Wow, they are amazing!

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  2. Exquisite! Would love to see them in person!

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  3. Wowza, Donna! The fish ring……These are amazingly gorgeous.

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  4. Another “Oh my goodness” There are some amazingly talented people out there and a lot more money then I will ever know.

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  5. These are amazing. I love little miniature things and little wearable miniature things, I now realise, have a lot of appeal. I chuckled at your Liberace/8 year old comment because I was thinking how I would never wear these nowadays but teenage me would have absolutely worn them.

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  6. These are incredible! They remind of Faberge eggs with the surprises hidden inside! My favorite is the fish one! SO beautiful! ❤

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  7. Those frogs – not rings for wearing though. What an imagination he has. Thank you for bringing him to us.

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  8. Seeing them is the perfect example of creating a demand for something people don’t actually need. I am, however not going to look at the prices on them just in case one of them is priced lower than my net worth.

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  9. Wild and whimsical is the perfect description! THey are magical.

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