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Grand Master of Glass



layton 00

Peter Layton

Since I have taught myself nearly everything artistic I’ve ever tried, I have a great respect for those self-taught artists who manage to move past dabbling and go all the way to professional artist. Peter Layton is such a maker. Not only has Layton managed to learn his art without formal training, he’s actually known as the Grand Master of British Studio Glass. How’s that for mastery?

His beautiful glass creations have an organic-seeming quality that makes me want to touch them. Exhibiting a beautiful, tasteful combination of color and form, I think they’re some of the most appealing glass pieces I’ve ever seen.

If you find yourself in Bermondsey, stop into the London Glassblowing Studio. There, you can view the glass and even watch the master at work. Of course, you can also check out all of Layton’s beautiful work alongside works by his colleagues on the The London Glassblowing Studio website, too.

All images property of The London Glassblowing Studio.

layton 0

layton 1layton 1alayton 2layton 2aEster Segarralayton 3alayton 4layton 6

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

20 thoughts on “Grand Master of Glass

  1. I see why he is a master. Beautiful shapes and colors.

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  2. Not only are his pieces stunning his story is so inspirational! ❤

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  3. Stunning! I share your love of beautiful glass… I would fill my house with his stuff if I could!

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  4. These are exceptional. I love the curvy shapes of the objects themselves and the patterns within them. That last trio especially appeals as it makes me think of the fields and skies near where I grew up. I think I am also especially drawn to this art glass because the forms remind me very much of 1950s glass that my Gran owned.

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  5. Beautiful. The shape, from this perspective, reminds me of images of black holes. It appears that the colours are flowing into the centre and swirling back to the outer walls.
    Amazing work!

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  6. These are lovely, vibrant pieces. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Definitely going to check this place out next time I’m in London. I’d be surprised if I didn’t walk away without buying something.

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  9. Hi, I finally got to the London Glassblowing Studio last month. Had a lovely time looking (but no touching 😦 ) with my daughter. Must admit the prices and my indecision was pushing me not to buy anything until an assistant said I could pick thinkgs up (did she read my mind?). Ended up with a Blue Paradiso bauble. I was very tempted with the Elliot Walker cut fruit pieces too. Still am actually … Not sure if this link will work:


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