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Free Flix and Chill


I’m trying to share one free resource per month, and this month’s is a really fun one.

I’ve always thought there were loads of benefits to being a New Yorker (the very best bagels, wearing black all day every day, the ability to get anything you want at 3 AM, etc.), but I’m thrilled to share my latest cause for 212 brags. New Yorkers can now stream over 30,000 films for free with their library cards! Okay, yes, there is a limit of 10 movies per month for Manhattanites and 6 per month for Brooklynites, but that’s still a lot of viewing time! And of course, if you’ve used up your monthly viewing allowance, you can still rent audiobooks, ebooks, and borrow actual books (remember those?) to your heart’s content.

The platform the library uses is called Kanopy, and it’s got a really impressive list of titles including feature films, documentaries, art house films, and the entire Criterion Collection. Kanopy mostly focuses on indie films, and they’ve got titles not available on Netflix or iTunes. There’s even a section with New York Times Critics’ Picks.

Non-NYC residents can join, too. If you live in (or attend school in) New York State, you can still get a New York City Public Library card, which is all you’ll need to start watching! And non-New Yorkers may also have access through their local libraries. Go here to search for your library. If your library isn’t listed, there’s even a way to request that they join the service.

You can apply for a New York City Public Library card here, and start viewing your free movies on Kanopy. Enjoy!



Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

10 thoughts on “Free Flix and Chill

  1. I’ve moved but I still wear a LOT of black… Great share!

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  2. That’s very cool. I treat our library like a branch of Blockbuster and borrow movies frequently but it would be much cooler to be able to stream them.

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  3. Me too to both of the above. I need to look into this. thanks.

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  4. My oldest son and his wife are both librarians. I think the institutions are evolving in order to survive.

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