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Sewing the Seeds of Love



Border collies are often working dogs, used by farmers worldwide to herd all kinds of livestock. But Chilean pups, Das, Olivia, and Summer, have a different kind of job.

In 2017, a terrible rash of wildfires spread through 1 million acres, destroying many of Chile’s forests. The devastation turned much of the country’s once-lush landscapes into barren acres, devoid of plant life. Francisca Torres—the founder of animal-centric community Pewos – got a brilliant idea. She designed and created special backpacks for her three border collies, backpacks that would spread seed as the dogs ran and played and frolicked. Torres and her happy trio spend all their free time wandering the wasteland, spreading new life – in the form of 20 lbs of seed – wherever they go.

“We have seen many results in flora and fauna coming back to the burned forest!”

While they may not be able to re-seed all of the devastated areas, just knowing they’re doing their part makes it all seem a bit less hopeless. I hope other dog owners will get in on the seed-spreading action!

You can follow the happy family’s efforts on Instagram and you can learn more about Pewos on their website and their Facebook page.

collies 2

collies 1


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

13 thoughts on “Sewing the Seeds of Love

  1. What a brilliant idea. This project does give one a sense of hope–thank you for posting! And the smiles on those dogs–such a perfect example of unconditional love.

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  2. Yes–a brilliant idea is right! I love this. Those dogs are adorable, too!

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  3. What an amazing idea! I love it and hope it grows legs. I had some friends who were involved in seed bombing in London but this is a much more ecologically significant extension of that movement and I also love that pups are involved.

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  4. Oh my word this was a Monday Morning pick me up! How cute! ❤

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  5. What a breathtakingly brilliant yet simple idea, the best!

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