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One at a Time


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Erickson Woodworking

When I saw the ergonomic furniture that Erickson Woodworking had on display at the Architectural Digest Design Show, I was immediately attracted to their smooth, graceful, organic-looking lines and their modern-meets-mid-century sensibilities. At the suggestion of Tor Erickson, I sat in one of their beautiful chairs, and I was really impressed with how instantly, surprisingly comfortable it felt. But when I finally got around to looking on their website and learning their story, I officially became a fan.

“Our story starts with a young man from Nebraska who decided he didn’t want to be a dentist after all…” Our Story, Erickson Woodworking

So cute! They’re not only talented furniture makers; they’re also good storytellers!

“Erickson Woodworking builds some 75 pieces of furniture a year, mostly chairs and tables. Our work is represented in various collections, including the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Yale University Art Gallery. We still build every piece by hand, one piece at a time, just like Robert did more than 40 years ago. We believe in craft, in investing everything in our work. We believe in service, not only to those who patronize our work, but also to our community, our employees, and to the woods and mountains around us. We believe in beauty, in a fair curve and in perfect proportions.”

I love that they make only 75 pieces per year. It’s no wonder their furniture feels so organic.

You can see all of Erickson Woodworking’s gorgeous pieces on their website.

All images property of Erickson Woodworking.



Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

21 thoughts on “One at a Time

  1. I love it so a quiet of indescribable timeless, thank you!!!!!!

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  2. I love when form and function intersect so fluidly. Thanks Donna, for sharing the story (dentist?!) about, and photos of, these beautiful woodworking gems.. hints of Eileen Gray and FLW 😉

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  3. I can almost feel the comfort. Love the rocker.

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  4. As I sit here, typing at my mass produced, yet slightly funky desk, I am apt to wonder. Would a great desk and chair like this make me a better writer? The only answer I can give is yes.

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  5. Oh my, those are *lovely* pieces! Looks like beautiful workmanship.

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  6. Those are beautiful pieces of furniture. Rarely has a wooden chair looked so inviting to my rump.

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