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Rob Lowe on Fatherhood


“Never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides.”

For some time now, we have been at an age when good friends are sending their last children off to college. I have read their tearful, hopeful posts, and I have comforted them as they weep and worry, but having never experienced that particular situation myself, I don’t think I 100% got it. I always thought there should be more relief than loss, more celebration than consternation, more pride than panic. After all, my friends are sending their progeny out into the world for which they have been preparing them since birth. Isn’t that what they’ve been working for all these years?

Then I read this piece written by Rob Lowe for Slate Magazine, and I cried along with him. Lowe succeeded in making me understand how difficult it is to let your children stop being children. I’m sorry, friends, that I didn’t get it before.

“…standing among the accumulation of the life of a little boy he no longer is, I look at my own young doppelgänger and realize: it’s me who has become a boy again. All my heavy-chested sadness, loss and longing to hold on to things as they used to be are back, sweeping over me as they did when I was a child.”

Today seemed like the right time to share this lovely article. Go get yourself some tissues. You’re going to need them.

Happy Father’s Day, lovelies.


Author: Donna from MyOBT

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15 thoughts on “Rob Lowe on Fatherhood

  1. I’ve not yet reached that milestone with any of my kids but I’m anticipating it being as bittersweet as other phases and transitions have been. I’m always excited for what the next stage holds for them but I think the slight twinge of sadness comes from appreciating how fleeting their childhoods are overall when you realize how brief each stage is.

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  2. This was good. Maybe Mr. Lowe has grown up himself.

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  3. So sweet and poignant. I didn’t think I would make it when I sent my oldest to college 2 years ago. But time marches on no matter if we are ready or not.

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  4. Okay I had to be creepy and stalk the Lowe family. Matthew his oldest is now a law student and his youngest is a student at Stanford. I don’t always have much use for the ramblings of celebrities, but who would ever have thought I would be nodding along to something that Rob Lowe wrote, about parenting of all things. He’s more than just a pretty face.

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  5. Only two of our five kids went away to college. (Two went locally and still lived with us; one went to a local trade school.) I was just so happy for the eldest that she was getting to experience being on her own. But when I left my middle daughter at school, I cried all the way home. I had gotten so close to her during high school and enjoyed her company so much that my life suddenly had a huge hole in it.

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  6. Lovely! Who knew Rob Lowe could write like that?!

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