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Holiday Cookies!


I have been much in the mood for holiday cookies lately because 1. holidays, and 2. cookies. So I thought today, I’d share some of the more tempting-looking holiday cookie recipes I have saved to make at some fantasy-like time in the future. You know that time when you’re going to have all the time/money/space in the world to do all those fun/creative/time-consuming projects you have been thinking about for years? That’s when I will make them. 

In other words, I have not made any of these recipes. I, frankly, was hoping you lovelies would make them. And then send me some, you know, to try… Oh, and in addition to my shameless plea for free desserts, I thought I’d also invite my readers to post their favorite holiday (or other) cookie recipes in this space as well. Baking party! (Or, in my case, thinking about baking party!)

Christmas Mouse Cookies by Martha Stewart
Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups from The Gunny Sack
Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks by I Am Baker
Chocolate Reindeer Cookies by Fireflies and Mudpies
Italian Christmas Cookies (A.K.A. Lemon Drops) by Betty Crocker
Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Holiday Bark by Feeding Gluten Free
Eggnog Stuffed Gingerbread Cookies by A Cookie Named Desire
Easy No Bake White Chocolate Thin Mints by The View From Great Island
Grinch Heart Cookies by The Girl Who Ate Everything
Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Bars by Yellow Bliss Road
Truffle-Filled Orange Thumbprint Cookies by Betty Crocker
Peppermint Meringue Cookies with Chocolate Filling by Martha Stewart
Snowman Sugar Cookies by Cooking Classy

And to finish up, I thought this was a really inspired holiday cookie packaging idea!

Pringles Can Cookie Container by Good Housekeeping

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

10 thoughts on “Holiday Cookies!

  1. Most of these look pretty good. I do hope to bake a batch or two but really don’t need any of them. My #2 son always wanted Cranberry cookies but he isn’t coming, haven’t heard that he is anyway. I did one make mice candy out of kisses….cute. And gingerbread men were once in the oven every Christmas. Maybe this year but maybe not. You know…sugar is not good for us. sadly.

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    • Gingerbread is my favorite! My mother, while a mediocre cook at best, was however a brilliant baker. When I was little, we used to make our own gingerbread houses and men. I was in charge of decorating them, because baking just isn’t for me. Measuring has never been my strong suit.

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  2. The best part of retirement is filling your days with things you WANT to do. This year that meant hours spent in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies for all our friends.

    A family tradition is to make rum balls at Christmas.

    Two packages of thin chocolate wafers
    1 cup ground pecans or walnuts
    1 cup icing sugar
    1/2 cup corn syrup
    1/4 cup cocoa
    1/2 cup of rum (I prefer dark rum)
    Chocolate shot (also known as sprinkles – make sure it is real chocolate)

    Reduce wafers to finest crumbs in blender, then grind the pecans in the blender.

    Put the rum in the measuring cup first then top it with the corn syrup. This will make the two ingredients will pour out easier.

    In a large bowl mix all ingredients and with your fingers shape into balls.

    Pour chocolate shot onto a large plate and roll each ball into the shot to coat. If shot doesn’t stick to the ball, quickly dunk the ball in water before rolling in the shot. Place balls on a sheet of wax paper to set and dry.

    I place each of the balls in small paper cups.


    Merry Christmas everyone.

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  3. What’s up with all the pretzels masquerading as cookie parts??? They’re not fooling ME!

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  4. We are baking a version of the Christmas tree above today. Only we are doing the traditional Norwegian kransekake. 🙂

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