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The Spirit of the West


John Lopez

This is not my first large-scale scrap metal sculptor, and he probably won’t be my last. But there’s something so deliciously organic about John Lopez’s sculptures that I can’t resist them. Though they are constructed of mostly modern scrap metal, Lopez’s animals still manage to have the look of the old West about them. I love how Lopez gives them an air of purpose and determination, just like the real animals have.

It’s no surprise that he has such a connection to his subjects. John’s other profession is horse breeding and training, and he’s widely known in his home town of Lemmon, South Dakota, for his horse gentling skills.

“Sculptor John Lopez is a product of a place. His people’s ranches are scattered along the Grand River in northwestern South Dakota—not far from where Sitting Bull was born and died on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Not far from where thousands of buffalo were killed during the westward expansion of settlers and gold miners. In the bone yards of Tyrannosaurus rex and grizzly bears. Since farmers and ranchers populated this chunk of reservation land, real cowboys have been roping and branding and sheering and haying and harvesting.”

-About John Lopez

And Lopez isn’t all business, either. He may be crazy busy, but the man still doesn’t take himself too seriously. He seems like a truly extraordinary guy.

You can follow John Lopez on his website, Facebook, and Twitter, and you can read his blog on Blogspot.

All images property of John Lopez.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

21 thoughts on “The Spirit of the West

  1. Beautiful. They really have that sense of motion, which is so hard to achieve.

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  2. Wow, thrilling sculptures.

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  3. Fascinating! What a beautiful job of turning metal into motion. Reminds me of the goldwork embroidery project I’m starting (designed by Golden Hinde), which is a similar theme on a much smaller scale. See a photo of it here:

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  4. Good heavens, I meant only to attach a link, but it turned into a giant photo taking up your entire comment section. Feel free to delete or adjust my comment!

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  5. Steampunk, meet the wild, wild West. These are gorgeous!

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  6. He certainly ubderstands form.

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  7. I must go see these in person. I must.

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  8. Wow very striking. And the life size scale is very impressive.

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