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The Day that Space Broke My Heart



I try not to blog too much about movies or series which are only accessible on paid streaming services, mostly because I hate to leave anyone out. But I absolutely must talk to you all about a new Netflix original series, 7 Days Out, and the episode about the end of NASA’s Cassini Mission.

First, let me tell you about the series. 7DO explores six of the world’s biggest events, starting seven days before the launch/debut/premiere/release/show, and it delivers a hell of an emotional wallop. Each episode stands alone (which I love) and explores one particular event. The events covered include the CHANEL Haute Couture Fashion Show, the Kentucky Derby, the Westminster Dog Show, and the opening of NYC restaurant Eleven Madison Park. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the universes the series explored, and the amazing, immersive atmosphere and building tension of each of these very different worlds.

But of all the series’ six episodes, it’s the one that shares the behind-the-scenes magic that was NASA’s Cassini Mission to Saturn that really got to me the most. The episode chronicles the lead up to the “Grand Finale Dive” ending the mission just one month shy of its 20th launch anniversary. Though the destruction of Cassini was planned for and anticipated, the dramatic demise of the exploration vehicle had me grabbing for tissues like I was watching the end of Old Yeller. The film makers did such a great job, that spaceship burning up in Saturn’s atmosphere felt like a personal loss. It’s an absolutely Pyrrhic victory of documentary film making, and I will, I suspect, watch it again and again. (And likely weep every time.)

You can learn all about the Cassini Mission on NASA’s webpage. And if you have Netflix, you can see more about 7 Days Out on the series webpage.

Here’s the Netflix series trailer.

And below is the simulation of Cassini’s crash into Saturn’s atmosphere.

Direction: Erik Wernquist. Video: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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5 thoughts on “The Day that Space Broke My Heart

  1. Oh! I haven’t been ob Netflix in a while. Might have to reup.

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  2. I have had my eye on 7do but then Narcos put out the Mexico season. Dang it! The Cassini Mission is one I was not aware of and I plan to watch it soon.

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