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Zip It


Ziptie Jewelry

While searching for items to include in last week’s futuristic wear Etsomnia™ post, I came across the remarkable, innovative, completely mad work sold by the Etsy shop Ziptie Jewelry. Yes, you read that right. All of maker Renata’s work is made of zipties. I fell instantly in love. In my club kid days, when I was young and hip enough, I would have worn the hell out of these things!

The charming Renata was an absolute doll, and she wrote me at length about her inspiration and her process. She spent her early life interested in architecture and construction – she loved to know how things worked and how they were built. A natural artist, Renata wanted to come up with that One Big Idea that we all search for, but try as she might, nothing came to mind. Then, as happens to me with my best ideas, the ziptie concept came to her in a dream.

“The next morning I was so enthusiastic about it, that I rushed to the hardware store and bought my first 1000 zipties. I brought them home and sat at the table. I asked “How can I turn an ordinary thing, a ziptie into something worth looking at? Something extraordinary?” It didn’t take long of playing around and experimenting with them, before miracle happened – under my hands started to emerge beautiful amazing creations. I was hooked. And from that time on, not a single day passes when I am not creating something out of zipties.”

-Renata the Ziptie Lady

Renata’s son, an artist in his own right, helps out with the photography, photo editing, logos, and other daily duties. She calls them a dream team. With his help, she is free to create new, amazing designs whenever they occur to her.

You can follow Ziptie Jewelry’s work on Renata’s website, Etsy shop, and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

All images property of Renata/Ziptie Jewelry, used with permission.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Zip It

  1. Wow! Very creative and I love the one with the beads.Smart !

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    • Just fascinating stuff! I met someone at a mermaid parade a few years ago who had made herself ear fins out of zip ties and colored cellophane. They were fantastic! I tried to recreate them last fall, but I failed miserably.


  2. How incredibly cool to be able to create something so artistic and theatrical from something as mundane and practical as a ziptie. I will need to show these to my 13 year old to inspire him. He likes to create costumes and props for his short movies out of found materials – though he makes me “find” some of the materials in stores. He has not used zipties yet.

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  3. Amazing!!! And I want a crown.

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  4. I kinda want to see a RBG collar in zip ties now…

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