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Stair Master


Phillip Weidner

I have featured higgledy-piggledy DIY architecture before, but I believe this one takes the prize for the tallest among them. This is Goose Creek Tower, a log cabin designed and built by attorney Phillip Weidner. Located in Talkeetna, Alaska, the insane, Dr. Seuss-looking log cabin stands at 185 feet tall. Its purpose? To allow for 300-mile panoramic views from Denali, to Homer, Cook Inlet, and the Aleutians. And when the season is right, the tower affords the best views of the Northern Lights available without an aircraft.

Weidner, an MIT engineering alumni and self-described frustrated architect, thinks of his structure as a poem to the sky. He says he only stopped at 185 feet because Federal air space starts at 200 feet. Though Weidner walks with a cane, up and down all those stairs he continues to go. He’s been working on the tower for more than 20 years now, and he still considers it a work in progress.

You can read a bit more about the amazing Goose Creek Tower on the Alaska Life website.

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

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10 thoughts on “Stair Master

  1. Wow. It is amazing what imagination and a little money can do. Well…maybe a lot of money.

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  2. I’d be scared to death but I would want to go all the way to the top–that view!!!

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  3. I’m sure the northern lights would be amazing but climbing that in the dark would not be.

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  4. That’s amazing! It is indeed very Dr Seuss like. I have dragged my short-legged, fat carcass, huffing and puffing up very many flights of stairs in order to get a great view over a landscape but – with the exception of ruined castles and ecclesiastical buildings – none have been as impressive or even imaginative as this. I wonder if it would inspire me more to keep climbing?

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    • I am not a huge fan of climbing excessive stairs either, and the only times I’ve attempted something of this height is for churches and castles, too! (And the Statue of Liberty once when my knees still had collagen in them.) I think I would give this a try, but I would require drinks or baked goods every couple of flights to keep me motivated.

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  5. That’s amazing but I don’t want to be on the top floor I don’t know if I trust it enough it’s all wood structures

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    • I read an article that said he managed to get a single steel I-beam (like the ones they put in skyscrapers) up the center so he could keep going, but it does seem like it would be awfully wobbly.


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