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Stories Without Words


Roger Wood

Assemblage artist Roger Wood is a self-proclaimed storyteller.

“…These pieces… play with and trade upon the themes of accumulation and juxtaposition. I am an avid collector of bric-a-brac; of the discarded; of the overlooked.

“Years ago when I was teaching, one of the first field-trips with my students was to the flea markets and rummage sales encouraging them to be open to the unexpected, to the possibilities that various disparate items might present. This involved seeing, touching, feeling, connecting, selecting and later placing the objects side-by-side to enable a kind of visual language, to speak wordlessly. I am calling my recent assemblages “Stories Without Words” where the objects take the place of phrases and metaphors to become something of a ‘meta-text’ as in dreams and fantasies.”

-About Roger Wood

As someone who is similarly attracted to discarded small antique items, I can completely relate to his fascination with them. However, I definitely lack his facility for turning them into something fabulous. He has a charming way of elevating the “junk” he collects into fairytale assemblages that really do seem to hint of an intriguing backstory.

You can follow the very talented Roger Wood on his website and on Instagram and Facebook.

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Started this a year ago; thought it time to finish it.

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Had this old gramophone hanging around; had fun with it.

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Doing the brass this week at klockwerks.

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The two missing ones.

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

12 thoughts on “Stories Without Words

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! Donna.

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  2. Not my thing but very creative. I do like the wall pieces. You could look all day and try to figure out what was once what.

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  3. I like all of them! Hal

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  4. I so love steampunk and the creativity of people who create these masterpieces!

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  5. Predictably, my Steampunklet likes these pieces a lot. He especially likes the tricycle. Assemblage is, I think, one of those art forms that we might assume is easy and accessible because it just involves sticking some found objects together but which must actually be incredibly difficult and involve a lot of skill because of the need to fuse together objects of diverse scale and size, made of different materials, while keeping the whole piece coherent.

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