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Cute and Weird


Godeleine de Rosamel

Sculptor and illustrator Godeleine de Rosamel was born in Northern France. She always knew she wanted to pursue art, and she studied at the world-renowned Brussels art school, Ecole de Recherche Graphique. Post-graduation, the budding artist lived and worked in Paris for 10 years, during which period De Rosamel illustrated a number of popular European children’s books. In 2001, she married an American and relocated to California.

About 10 years ago, de Rosamel started focusing more on ceramics, and I think her characters are absolutely charming. I always enjoy the combination of cute and weird, and these little sculptures perfectly fit that bill. Her aesthetic is very distinctive, very uniquely hers. I would be pleased to have one of these little lovelies in my collection!

“They are imaginary animals adapted or evolved from reality, but nothing that really exists. I love that my work lets me play at being the original creator of new life forms. It really fits with my interest in natural history, evolution and the wonders of nature in general. I have also always been drawn to what is called “low tech”, and the fact that beautiful and meaningful art can be created out of very simple materials.”

-About Godeleine de Rosamel

You can follow Godeleine de Rosamel on her website and on Instagram and Facebook. You can also purchase her sculptures on Etsy and Giant Robot.

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

7 thoughts on “Cute and Weird

  1. The hippo…-like thing! And the sheep! Cute and weird, exactly. These are wonderful, Donna.

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  2. cute and weird sums it best –
    and I really enjoyed seeing the different ones -s o original

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  3. I LOVE these!!!

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