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Strange Tales



Street artist Lonac is best known for the photo-realistic murals he paints around his native Croatia. I was shocked to learn that he paints his murals using only spray paints. How on earth does he get that level of detail with spray paint? I can’t imagine having that much control without a brush.

Lonac draws his inspiration from his personal memories, his interest, and his observations. Like many street artists, skateboarding culture is a big part of the artist’s life, and cartoons, movies, and video games all inform and influence his work. In addition to Lonac’s murals, he also does smaller paintings. His most recent show, Strange Tales, focused on the storytelling elements of his work.

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

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12 thoughts on “Strange Tales

  1. There are a few photographers who depict graffiti but some of the murals, also done with spray paint, are marvellous paintings like these.

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  2. Some beautiful work. I am always surprised at the large building painting. Same with this one. How do they get the scale correct? Hal

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    • When I lived in the East Village, I watched someone paint a 5-story-high mural on the building behind mine. He had broken it up into squares which he numbered and printed on paper. I have also heard of people projecting their art onto a wall, then painting it, but that would be extra hard. You’d block the projection when you tried to paint it.


  3. Woah! These are super impressive. I am a big fan of street art generally but these are particularly good pieces. These would be amazing even if they were on a much smaller scale and painted with a brush. This level of detail achieved on such a massive scale and using spray paint is staggering.

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