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Self as Canvas


Laurel Charleston/Luke Nosal

“Your whole body is a canvas, so why stop at your eyes?”

Alternately inspired by color and by famous paintings, non-binary drag and makeup artist Laurel Charleston/Luke Nosal does full-face avant garde makeup looks that rival the artistry of any painting. When performing live as Lauren Charleston, the artist satirizes bad parents, with which they (as in “they/them/their”) have very personal experience. Nosal was raised by a Bluth-like* mother (*Like Lucille from the show “Arrested Development”), which has given them plenty of material to work with. In their performance, they like to communicate the message that selfish, irresponsible people shouldn’t have children.

Charleston/Nosal calls themself a “wildly eclectic, geometric and undeniably queer drag/performance artist, classical musician, and orchestra conductor.” And I thought I was busy!

You can follow Laurel Charleston/Luke Nosal on Instagram.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

10 thoughts on “Self as Canvas

  1. They have a lot of talent. I am most impressed by their geometric designs as that requires not just precision and a steady hand but also (I imagine) an ability to step back and see how the lines are looking in relation to each other and obviously you cannot step back from the canvas when the canvas is your own face/body.

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  2. Professional wrestlers have been doing it for years. So have circus clowns so it is nothing new. BUT, I agree some of today’s post are interesting and seem to be a new idea. I enjoyed looking at them. Hal

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  3. The first pic – the face as a sky – reminds me of how I once created myself in a self-portrait. I didn’t use make-up though, it was my selfie with a dawn sky photoshopped in!

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  4. This makes me wish I was still teaching Stage Makeup—this artist would definitely be part of a lecture.

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  5. Interesting post Donna and really creative paintings 🙂

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