What if you spent every day looking for One Beautiful Thing?

Very Ugly* Plates!


*They’re not really that ugly.

These are the very funny ceramics known simply as Very Ugly Plates. Created by a Berlin-based artist who prefers to remain anonymous, they are inspired by every-day occurrences.

“Some are drawn from the frivolous antics of my best friend, who also happens to act as the editor-in-chief for a selection of my favorite plate captions. Others are often prompted by overheard gossip, urban observations, or simply my state of mind at the time. As it turns out, my most inspiring emotional state is that of disappointment. “

VUP’s brand of dark humor got her (I’m assuming these must come from the mind of a woman) kicked out of Instagram – no easy feat. Undaunted, she sprang back within days with a new Instagram and a website and Facebook account as backup. They are irreverent and rude and seriously funny, and I think we need to cover the walls of our Fire Island house with them.

You can check out all of the prolific and hilarious Very Ugly Plates on their website and on Instagram and Facebook. Until they get kicked off again, that is.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

19 thoughts on “Very Ugly* Plates!

  1. What ever floats your boat.

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  2. Funny captions. At first I thought he used existing plates but perhaps she paints them as well? I’m glad she has an insta back-up now.

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  3. Totally enyoyed it. Proves that I am not the only one that comes up with sayings while looking at fine art. Hal

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  4. I enjoy this type of humour. I wonder if they ever get sneaked into people’s collection of decorative plates just waiting for a visitor to notice.

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  5. I liked the first one with the cat, the others are not for my taste of plates Donna.

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  6. I’ve never in my life felt like being a teacher, but the saying “Could do better” just flowed so nicely through my thoughts. Now I want to go to the local charity shop with a marker pen and nail varnish, to buy a few old plates for 10p each and start print something on ’em.

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  7. Actually, all very amusing, a kind of beauty in humour. I lobe the elegant cat plate though.

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  8. The photos weren’t showing up in your blog, so I went to the facebook page and snorted (no pun intended) when I was greeted with the “Don’t do lines on me” plate. These are hilarious!

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