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Kinetic Couture


Iris van Herpen

Today, I am going to break from my usual M.O. of posting sstrictly Halloween-related things at the end of October. Instead, I’m bringing you some magnificent avant garde fashion that could as easily serve as costume as it does couture (in a good way).

Amsterdam avant garde designer and artist Iris van Herpen is known throughout the fashion world for her brave, daring, innovative designs. The feats of engineering in her fashions make them amazing to look at, but once you see them in motion, it’s clear they’re also surprisingly comfortable and fluid. Van Herpen, who holds degrees in art and science, is also known for her unexpected collaborations. Her July 2019 collection Hypnosis was the result of such a collaboration, this time with American sculptor Anthony Howe, known for his large-scale kinetic works. Howe’s sculptures are featured in the show, and van Herpen’s clothing designs used those sculptures as their jumping-off point. The results are positively hypnotic.

“Only when you know the rules are you able to break them. As a kid, I’d collect whatever materials I could get my hands on, even if I didn’t necessarily know what I would do with them. I’m constantly looking for new materials across different disciplines.”

Iris van Herpen

You can see all of Iris van Herpen’s jaw-dropping work on her website, her YouTube channel, and on Instagram. And you can check out more of Anthony Howe’s wonderful moving sculptures on his website.

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A body’s architecture ~ Iris van Herpen talks to the @nytimes for an in-depth article about her latest 'Hypnosis' collection and her ‘Naturalis’ architecture project, written by @danathomasparis. “A lot of the three dimensional patterns I create for the body echo the rhythms of life that can be visualized through Cymatics; the visualization of sound waves as evolving geometric patterns that unveil the mathematical logic hidden inside nature. The extraordinary collection of Naturalis and the infinite freedom of frozen forms I found in the archive, inspired me to explore the transport of time within nature’s ever-evolving dance. The erosion details within rocks, re-sculpted by water throughout centuries and the eternalized mysterious beauty of fossils moved me to drape and pleat with stone instead of silk. Three dimensional biomorphic patterns entwine the in and outside of Naturalis, like the archeology of a dress.” – Iris van Herpen. Read the full article via the link in our bio. ~ Video by @blitzkickers Model @katiaandre_ Music direction: @sssalvadorrr Including tracks: David Hykes – Rainbow Voice Gamalan Voices – Mentawai Repeat Eater – Polymorph Rival Consoles – Dreamer’s Wake Show credits: Special thanks to collaborating Artist: Special thanks to collaborating Artist: @Philip.beesley Styling: @patty_wilson Casting: Maida Gregori Boina | @maximevalentini | @caromauger #irisvanherpen #hypnosiscouture #nytimes #naturalismuseum

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

10 thoughts on “Kinetic Couture

  1. There are a couple of dresses I would love to wear! Others remind me a jellyfish.

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  2. Amazing stuff. I love that the clothing is sculptural but also soft and ethereal.

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  3. I am a blue jeans and t-shirt type of guy. BUT, for anybody to think up these dresses, deserves a five star vote, even I only like a couple of them. Don’t think that I will ever seen anything close to them at my local Walmart. Hal

    Liked by 2 people

    • Walmart certainly won’t be selling them, but I have seen some pretty, um, unusual things worn at Walmart…

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      • I think that I am correct. First she comes up with what she wants the material to look like. I think the real art is how she either makes or pays somebody to make the material. Without the material there are no dresses. Second I guess you can’t sit down wearing any of them. Never have figured out how models never need to use the bathroom. Hal

        Liked by 1 person

      • Not to overshare, but I’ve known models, and in my experience, they go to the bathroom extra. Just not during shows.


  4. They all look so happy to be part of the show.

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