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Fast and Loose


David Armand is maybe the best mime I’ve ever seen. Yes, I said ‘best mime.’ I know, but wait. These videos are from a wizard BBC 2 improv show called Fast and Loose. During this weekly segment known as Interpretive Dance, David Armand would mime lyrics while two guests wearing noise-cancelling headphones had to try to guess the song. After watching and enjoying the first few, I tried turning off the sound, ignoring the title, and doing some guessing of my own. I was terrible at it, but it sure was fun!

I was not at all surprised to learn that Dan Patterson was one of the show’s creators. He’s best known for Whose Line is it Anyway?, another brilliant show to binge watch if you need a laugh. Alas, Fast and Loose was very short-lived, only airing for one 8-episode season which ran from 2011-2012. It is giving me an idea for a fun party game, though…

It seems likely that Whose Line is it Anyway? (the American version) will be renewed for the 2020 season. In the meantime, there are 15 seasons to watch on Amazon Prime. That ought to keep us busy for a while!

You can watch all the excerpts from Fast and Loose on the BBC’s YouTube channel.

A big thank you to my older daughter, who spotted this and tagged me!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

6 thoughts on “Fast and Loose

  1. He is very good, but I would probably miss 100% of what music he was attempting to tell me. If a band played the music, I would probably miss most of it them. I will not play this game. Hal

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  2. Well, this passed me by when it was on TV but it made me laugh out loud, so thank you for that! My old Dad would have loved it, he used to teach British Sign Language and used to “sign” the words of Jerusalem in a similar fashion! 🙂

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